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WWF No Mercy retexture - TNA vs ROH


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Mine generally works fine, but has anybody experienced heavy glitching during regular matches (not backstage). Generally what happens is I hear "13" called out as if somebody's being counted out, and then the wrestler acts as if he's climbing a cage and winds up walking mid air or "through" the ring. Usually remedies itself when eventually you click back into place but it's screwed up a fair few matches.


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Congrats on completing this mr chiz, too bad the other NM people arent as dedicated as you. Myself included, but then I never got into texture modding enough to do any kind of full mod, and the one I tried was going to be some goofy cartoon mod, good work I like it alot. and thanks.

Ray Myster

TNA and Classic ECW fan
Need help with WWF No Mercy TNA vs ROH MOD

I don't know where to actually post this.

I use rice video plugin 6.11 beta 10 and i have the TNA VS ROH Mod for the WWF No Mercy.

I have WWF No Mercy.fla in the plugin folder and Project 64.cht in the original project 64 folder.

So anyway, here's the problem, the textures are all fine, everything is cool. But the wrestlers are still the same (like Sting's picture is still triple h, Sabu's picture is still Steve Austin).

How can I fix this?

Ray Myster

TNA and Classic ECW fan
Sorry if i'm bumping an old thread.

The wrestlers are still the same, i followed all the directions but sting is triple h, sabu is steve austin etc.

How i fix this?


Did you read the original thread? Hmmm this is a problem with that particular game really. I believe it's how the game didles with the data (if you pardon the aleteration).


Ray Myster

TNA and Classic ECW fan
Yep I read the original thread. I also got another mod for WWF No Mercy (the ECW mod) but still all the wrestlers are original. So the game messes with the data right? How do you get it to be perfect?
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I've been having the same problem and I think I know how to fix it. Basically, make sure EVERYTHING that was suposed to download, has. If even one file is missing I don't think it will work.


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i hope this helps
so far, with me it runs fine
with project 64 v 1.6
with rice' video plugin 6.1.1 beta 10
no problems
the pack i use TNAvsROHv1.0
1.1 i never found...


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I would stop the multi posting if i were you. The edit button is there for a reason. I don`t know what the problem could be. Maybe it`s your video card?