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What was the coolest game released on the year you were born


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Thats right, just curious to see what games you think were the best occurding to when you were born.

For example i was born in 1986 so i could put:


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Hmm...they didn't make much games in 1979 :) I'll say Asteroids since I don't know many others. :p
If anyone knows a site with games history it would be cool. :)


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Hmmm...I don't know much about video games in 1983 (besides that it was the year of the big video game market crash), but the coin-op Mario Bros was released that year. I never played it, so I really don't know if it was the coolest (although I had fun playing the Mario Bros clone in SMB3 on my NES).


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1984 here, of course there are a few games that were pretty good in 1984.

For NES I say that Duck Hunt would be my favourite

Back in my days at that age; I played on a commodore 64, in that year Id say that Impossible Mission is my overall favourite to play even today I have never been close to beating the game.