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  • Most issues reported these days stem from users not enabling their emulators to use the required amount of RAM.
    We also tend not to use the search feature but post our issues within the texture pack release page.
    Failure to load a texture pack should not be posted in the release thread unless you have already patched the emulator.

    If you don't have the resources to use Large/HD texture packs please do not attempt to do so.
    Users should have a minimum amount of System RAM not less then 4GB's.
    If you have less then 4GB's of RAM do not post about how your emulator crashes,
    RAM is dirt cheap so invest some money into your PC.

    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
    for posting this Solution.

Well gents, i'm back and taking suggestions for a new game to retexture.


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I don't know if any of you remember back in early to mid summer break were I completed a high resolution Star Fox texture pack (if you were around and may not remember, I could call up my old screenies and you can check my youtube account [same name as here] for the demo videos).

Well, i feel like taking on another game now. What's the difference between then and now, you say? Well, besides honing my skills (and impressing a coordinating inductor in graphics design with my portfolio), I invested in getting a 9 by 12 wacom graphics tablet. Think of my old retexture pack x10. Yeah, something like that.

Now, my computer is currently dying (a failed PSU fluctuated the power going to the hard drive, which damaged it's indexes and motor), but will soon be fixed. Sometime in the near future i will take up a new game. Anyone have a suggestion?

Another thing is I've heard tell of model modding. The golden idol of N64 modding for me. It's the only limit holding be back from bringing any game about two generations ahead. Anyone wanna fill me in?

EDIT: oh nevermind. Forgot this site archives. haha.

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EYY, I missed you man. Thought you died!

Well, a lot has happened since you left. One of the bigger releases that happened during your absence was Mudlords latest rice plugin. It allows you to go beyond 4x texture resolution. With mudlords latest plugin, you can go as high as 8x and 16x the normal texture size.

And this place just recently started coming back to life. Mollymutt completed his sm64 pack. Mode7 recently came back to finish his cartoon sm64. Risio came back aswell to complete his sm64 pack. Djipi started a cell shaded sm64, he also has some updates for his celda pack.
edit* gitech has also come along with his Castlevania LOD retexture pack. Its a breath of new life to the game. And he is nearing completion fairly soon.

hmmm, what else... sorry if I forgot anything.

Welcome back dude.
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Hi UnaidedCoder,

I'm gitech. The guy working on Castlevania LOD right now. I have a suggestion for you...

Body Harvest!!!

I have downloaded and played your Star Fox pack. It's great and one of the main reasons I decided to do a complete game myself. You can do buildings and other texture types well that would work great for Body Harvest.

There are a few issues in emulation and gameplay that need to be addressed first. My hope is that we could get a team together that can tackle all the issues and the textures and finally give this true sleeper hit classic an all new breath of life.

I have a huge description of all of BH's great qualities I typed up a few years ago laying around here somewhere on my old PC or a Floppy. I will try to find it and paste in here for those who have never played through it and to try to recruit a team. I have purchased more than 15 copies of Body Harvest to give away along with that write-up I did to friends and co-workers so they could experience BH for themselves! Crazy, yeah. But that was when Gamestop had them on clearance for like $3.00 each at the end of their cartridge days.

The game is huge. It is the next game I would like to take on, but the game can not go anywhere until the emulation issues can be ironed out. Also, we would need someone who can speed up the walking speed of the main character (Adam), the one biggest complaint about the gameplay. For me, he runs about as fast as a resident evil character and it produces a sense of urgency to get to safety (house or vehicle) when...say...enemies are ALL around you and your vehicle gets blown up.

So, what do you think. I still need to find my write up and post it. Those who have not played BH through to at least Siberia...Dust off your N64 and get yourself a copy off ebay. Trust me. It's epic!

PS: Hold brake and gas at the same time for your hand brake. A necessary skill that makes the driving and shooting completely enjoyable. ;) If you have a big sound system...turn it up! Adrenaline is sure to ensue. Just don't expect anything out of the first world. It's just one big training level for the war to come.
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Welcome back ^^

If you want to retexture a new game , why not retexture conker^^ .Nobody has completed this game and all retexture mod are canceled ^^


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I agree, Djipi. Sure, there´s the Xbox one, but they sorta ruined it with the censoring, doesn´t feel like the same game...It´s great, though.


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Hi guys,

I just got my "old write-up" I made for Body Harvest back in 2005! Yes, "got", not "found". Credit goes to my fiancé Pam. I looked all over for the old floppy disk and searched my old PC and I couldn't find it. My fiancé actually found it at work in her email and emailed it to me. Yay! :happy:

Here it is, it was written back in 2005 but...enjoy:


I am playing GTA San Andreas right now and a few days ago I played a mission called "Body Harvest". I had to go get a Harvester (Farm equipment) which is also in Body Harvest, and do the same the same thing with it as in Body Harvest for a guy who also looks the same as the guy in Body Harvest.

It was only a few months ago that I read in a Game Mag "Rockstar used to be called DMA" (the guys who made Body Harvest) that I put 2 and 2 together. Body Harvest is the FIRST GTA!

I just bought my seventh copy of this game. The first one I rented 3 times and then kept it!!! I've beaten it Twice on Easy and Once on Hero. I have been giving them away so people can experience this "best game of all time"! It got an award for best sleeper hit game of the year. Kind of what happened to Conker as PS was the bigger system at the time.

So, a little (very little) about this huge game:

-at least 4 times bigger than GTA Vice city
-5 different worlds that all feel almost as big as San Andreas
-5 different time periods. You can hijack everything from Model-T type cars to modern, and futuristic vehicles.
-over 80 vehicles, all with Different (!!!) - looks, handling, speed, power, transmissions, suspension, features, abilities and mostly...weapons.
-at least 15 planes, 7 tanks, 7 helicopters, 12 boats, 40 cars, trucks, trains, fire engines, hovercraft, swamp boats, turrets, harrier jets, and more!!!
-over 100 different enemies that all look different, and have a specific RANK and JOB to do!
-over 30+ different weapons - ALL your standard weapons, + special weapons, + unique weapons on most vehicles!!!(Like "Howitzer" carpet bomb, and SCUD Missile Launcher that you must first carry with a helicopter that can transport any vehicle, then launch the missile and then steer it to it's target in FIRST PERSON view leaving a real time crater deformation in the ground!
-Houses, caves, sewers, and buildings that house useful people, items, secrets, and secret paths!
-Can light Fire Places, candles, lamps, torches, turn on light switches, turn valves, ect....Try it, and you will find something.
-Buildings can be set on fire and/or destroyed by you and the enemy!!!
-can choose to do things asked of you or not. No "missions" to enter and fail. What you do is your choice. Choose wisely!
-perfect sound, crank it up, trust me!
-BEST Boss fights in gaming history, even today!!! Will kick your ass even after your dead and splattering blood all over the ground.
-full 3D open worlds and adventure.

-like GTA for all the obvious reasons
-like Metriod and Zelda for the open ended adventure/role-playing elements (Metriod - ship lands on planet, out comes the hero into an open ended adventure in a yellow and orange body suite!!!)

Wassaa......crazy, ain't it? Let me know what you think.
In my opinion GTA should be more like this game, and/or Rockstars next game should be "GTA Body Harvest".

If you want a copy just let me know and give you one!!! It's that good!!!


So, I ended up giving away about 10 more copies of Body Harvest because of this. :crazy: I do what I can. ;)

Since then I have learned even more how ambitious this game really is. Still to this day there is NO game that covers the scope that this game did. And it was a FIRST attempt by the guys who made GTA! It even lets you do more than GTA ever did. You can swim. You can use Motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, boats, hovercraft, swamp boats, tanks, military gunships, bombers, gyro planes, even spaceships and MORE.......over 5 different worlds and 5 different time periods all with relevant myth, lore, legend, adventure and missions that are custom to the town, village, city or planet that you are on and current situation you and the people of the world are in. The enemies are also not repeated from one time period to another. As time passes, as the human race advances, so does the enemies tech. In the beginning they are bugs, and for EACH LEVEL in EACH WORLD you will confront NEW enemies. Bigger and badder enemies. Enemies that become more mechanical...and deadly. More advanced than the last and they never look the same. They are all different models, not just color pallet swaps.

Oh, sorry. I could go on forever. :crazy:

Welcome back, have fun and TTYL


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Body Harvest eh? Sure, I could chip some time into that.

As it is, I may either tackle it (or team up with you guys, depends on what my life dictates), or continue on with my semi-completed Majora's Mask reskin. I also gotta get the new Rice plugin (I tried those bloom effects of his, actually, but I'm on 1.6 and they didn't work for me).

Well, we'll see when my computer's not terminally ill (I literally had to log in to safe mode to get here today). I also wish they would fix the problems with Vigilante 8 and it's amazing sequel so i could work on it :ermm:

Also, great work on that Castlevania pack. You really started off knowing nothing? Now that's a skill. Not many people can pick up digital design and self teach it quickly.


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Welcome back ^^

If you want to retexture a new game , why not retexture conker^^ .Nobody has completed this game and all retexture mod are canceled ^^
Not again a game, that was tried already multiple times. SO it isn't a new game. I would really looking forward, to a "new" fresh game!?
How about Harvest Moon 64? The game is actually not 3D, but could benefit from sharper textures.
Woha, a 2D game would be really hard, because every little animation is an own texture, so he have to retexture every texture that is used.
Just look at the old Mario Kart Texture Pack and you will see a discussion about a Kamek replacement mod for one of the characters. And it wasn't possible, sadly.


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If think body harvest would be a great choice - cause this is obviously a great game but its graphics just suck and a pack would bring many people to play it giving the game the late fame it deserves.

It might be hard though but you seem to be a really talented artist - so who else is going to do it ;)
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I can't get Body Harvest to run for any longer than 2 minutes. I take it these are the problems you stated needed to be "Ironed out", huh?

EDIT: Looking into Podracer. It's such a sweet racing game that it deserves it. Though it seems to look good enough as it is.
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I'd love to see a Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon pack one day.

YES PLEASE! My deepest wish is for an okami style retexture for this game. An Okami style Retexture would fit the Japanese feeling of the game.

its a platformer with humorous elements, similar to zelda. Europeans come to japan in a peach shaped UFO and land on Oedo castle. The game's plot is humorous and surreal to say the least and very entertaining.

The game has interchangeable 4 charcters
Goemon-attacks with pipe , can throw coins (and charged fire coins) cross certain platforms with his chain pipe

Ebismaru- attacks with a hammer , shrinks, and can use a camera to reveal secrets.

Yae- Attacks with a sword, can attack with a Bazooka, can transform into a mermaid

Sasuke-throws kunai, bombs and can fly.

The game is quite long and can't be completely beat in one sitting. there are Maneki Neko dolls scattered around and 4 of them create a new heart.

after a boss is beat at the end of each level you must fight one more IN YOUR TRUSTY GIANT ROBOT IMPACT. first you play as Impact destroying villages and avoiding obstacles to gain coins (used for nasal rocket attack). then you go into first person view these boss battles are personally my favorite part of the game. requiring strategy and quick think for each attack, as impact you have 5 regular attacks and 8 combos you may unleash upon the opponent.

I don't know if I summed it up as well as others can, but Please retexture this game, its so fantastic it deserves such treatment.
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Yes, There are very specific settings to get it to run well and stable. There are also clipping issues. The bridges and some buildings. I have gotten it to run stable and smooth and so that the bridges are fine but the clipping issues with buildings such as the windmill are only going to be fixable via a coder/programmer either on the ROM or an emulator or both. It has been an issue for years. My hope is we can encourage someone and or the creators of an emulator to finally fix these issues by giving them a reason to. That a great re-texture pack would be made for it.

So, ANYONE that can and would like to start looking at these issues please chime in. I would fully support you with beta testing of your progress to iron out the problems so a texture pack could be started. If you do not know how to code but you may know someone that can, let them know please. We need a dedicated team that is set on getting this game working someday. Lets get ready for a good time... :) This comunity has already proven that almost anything is possible! We can do this! ;)
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I'm leaning towards finishing Majora's Mask.

But there's a problem: the new rice plugin doesn't work for me. Unlike the last build, this one causes surfaces to warp around. It's pretty trippy :crazy:

But in Majora's Mask's case, it pretty much reduces to one frame a second.

This'll certainly need to be corrected before i can do anything...

EDIT: Ok, the warping fixed itself, apparently. But a problem still persists in Majora regarding a lighting error. The surfaces are generally in a dark state, with random objects flickering to their appropriate (for time of day) lighting at random/
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That's a good idea. Continue to work on your MM pack or whatever you see fit for the time being. I would love to see anything new that you do!

A Body Harvest pack would not be ready for start up until the bugs can be ironed out. I will make a new thread after my Castlevania LOD pack is done for trying to get a team together. In the meantime, anyone who does have an interest in starting on debuging BH at anytime can contact me. This will be a longer term project and I am ok with that. It is just something I would like to see done in my lifetime. I am always up for implementation of this plan, whenever...


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Thanks. though I can't do squat to it until I figure out why I suddenly can't emulate it smoothly anymore.

EDIT: Ok now the problem is that I cannot get some textures to load, like the active heart on the health bar (the bigger one divided into quarters) or the hour dial on the counter at the bottom <_>
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