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Twilight Retexture Majora's Mask


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- Deku,Goron,Zora,Fierce Deity Link and Link
- Deku,Goron and Zora
- Ocarina Effekts
- Termina Field
- South,East,North and West Clock Town
- Southerm Swamp,Deku Palace and Temple
- Snowhead, Goron Town and Temple
- Great Bay, Zora Hole and Temple
- Ikana Canyon, Stoner Tower and Temple
- Outside Moon and Inside Moon
- Majora's Boss Rooms
- HUD Graphics
- All Bosses
- All Masks
- Fairy Textures
- Horror Kid
- Majora's Mask(Incarnation & Wrath)
- Castle of Ikana
- Pirates Fortress
- The Moon Mans Rooms
- Other Effects
- Sky Textures

Not complete
- Ikana Gravayard
- some icons
- Great Fairy's eyes
- Sakon's Hideout

New Video:
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Today, I still try to upload a few. I do not have much time.
Sorry, my English is very bad. I come from Germany.
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I dont remember giving permission to anyone to use my textures. Most of the items and hud textures I created for zeths tp pack, and you took a lot of his textures as well.


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I dont remember giving permission to anyone to use my textures. Most of the items and hud textures I created for zeths tp pack, and you took a lot of his textures as well.

about 20-25% by Zeth's textures
about 2-5% are from the Real Texture Pack
about 95-75% are from me
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Sorry,But I didn't know that I need a permit.
Zeth had no objection. And nowhere was that the images are copyright protected. Sorry

I beg to get permission?
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Toon-Link you have to get permission to use anyone's work then you must then acknowledge the creator of those textures still unless the artist gives you permission to not to need to acknowledge them.
Anyway any work created is technically copyrighted.


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Well as long as someone takes the time to put textures that look good together, while making rightful acknowledgments, and creating most of the textures used, resulting in a complete package for this game, then it's all cool.

The Dave

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It's really only cool when you know for sure you have the rights to use images you didn't make. Some people may just roll their eyes at this but for those of us who actually make a living doing design work this is a very important part of our industry.

If you also have made the majority of the textures in this pack like you have claimed to, why not just recreate the ones you borrowed with ones you made? Wouldn't it be much more satisfying to say you made 100% of the pack? (And yes the %s you gave are really vague and don't add up.)


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Awesome - I've been waiting so long for a complete Majora's Mask retexturing !

I suppose you updated the changelog / complete areas list as well ? Or can you tell which areas are not completed yet ?

Edit: I've just watched the video, and this is truly a great work. Thanks !