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touchhE v0.2.2 released!

touchHLE is a high-level emulator (HLE) for iPhone OS applications. It runs on modern office operating systems and is written in Rust.

Using the HLE method, touchHLE is radically different from a low-level emulator (LLE) such as QEMU. The only code executed by the emulated processor is the binary of the application and a handful of libraries. touchHE takes the place of the iPhone OS and provides its own implementations of system frameworks (Foundation, UIKit, OpenGL ES, OpenAL, etc.).

The aim of this project is to run the games of the first days of iOS. Only iPhone/iPod touch apps for iPhone OS 2.x have been tested so far. Support for modern 64-bit iOS applications is explicitly a non-objective, and support for non-gaming applications is unlikely to be given priority due to their complexity. On the other hand, it is likely that we try to support applications for some more recent 32-bit versions (especially 3.x and 4.x) and for the iPad in the future. Support for the iPhone OS 1.x may also be tempted. Currently, only three applications are supported. The list will surely grow over time