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Super Mario Kart - Mario Kart 64 Retexture (BFrancois)


It's me, Mario !!!
Super Mario Kart is a High Resolution Textures Pack (RiceVideo) for Mario Kart 64 in the style of Super Mario Kart SNES.
Karts, menus, maps and Hud are retextured (Wario is not remplaced by Koopa).
ZIP file includes 16000+ PNG files and 1964Video r94.

Download :

Super Mario Kart 64 v1.0 - 16323 textures - 20mb (114 MB) :
- https://emulationking.com/bfrancois-mario-kart-64/ (.7z) (Please use winrar or 7zip to extract)
- http://www.emulation64.fr/?page=download&id=204 (.ZIP)
- Emulation64.com\textures archive.

Videos :

Screenshots :




















More screenshots : http://www.emulation64.fr/?page=forum3&action=voir&topic=20509

( Sorry for my english :teehee: )
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Texture Pack Invader
wow great news!!!
i will play this as soon as it comes out!!!:)

quick idea will you make the [?] boxes a yellow cube with a '?' on it ?
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Master of the Emulation Flame
Wow! Came from nowhere and is already nearly done and is looking incredible.
I really wonder, how many work it was to replace all the different animations of the drivers.
I only see one "problem": due to the smaller size of the SNES characters, it's sometimes hard to estimate how to hit other characters with the stars and to see when they're small because of the lightning.


It's me, Mario !!!
Indeed, it is one of the disadvantages of the pack, but it was too difficult and too long to combine each time the two textures of the kart.

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Master of the Emulation Flame
Sorry, forget to ask in my previous post: did you test this pack with 1964video and Glide64? Since Rice is kinda outdated and had some serious bugs.
And is this pack only compatible to the (E) version? Because the (E) version was slowed down compared to the (U) release.


It's me, Mario !!!
I have just tested, the pack seems to work with (U) release :)

1964VideoR67 is the plugin that offers the best display with my pack.
I have just a few bugs in the menus :

Glide64 doesn't work very well with my videocard/computer, so i haven't tested.
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It's me, Mario !!!
I can't enlarge karts.
If karts are too big, the bottom of textures/karts is missing in the game...


Emulation Fanatic
Idk man seems kinda pointless to downgrade the graphics of this game
Hello, mr. negative! It's because we can, and it's fun! It is to change the style of the whole game to fit something else, in this case Mario Kart for the SNES. It creates a whole new experience. Those who have played the original before, gets to experience the game all over again, in a way. And those who played the SNES title, will surely enjoy this. I think it looks great, and i think i will give it a try.

Please excuse me if i don't make sense, i am VERY tired. And it's 08.08 in the morning. And i have to stay up all day. Damn..


It's me, Mario !!!
Hello !

I have decided to replace Koopa by Wario.
About 1500 files have been replaced (karts, menus, hud, etc. ...).

Video : Wario / Moo Moo Farm:

I gotta agree, this is a downgrade. I was glad to see someone working on this game but now that I see what is being done I'd rather not use this. :/

Thanks for taking the time to attempt to make the game better, but I'll pass.
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It's me, Mario !!!
I don't think this is a downgrade because the game is more beautiful than the original (look at the screens on the first page).
However, I can understand that some people don't like the style.


New member
You should stay with koopa (when you name it a super mario kart pack) or you take both in the pack and the user take the one he wants


It's me, Mario !!!
Yes, I could upload 2 packs : Wario / Koopa ;)

The problems with Koopa are :
- I can't remove/replace the voices of Wario. It's annoying...
- We must patch the game to replace Wario by Koopa (otherwise "Wario" will appear in the race results and lap records)