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  • Most issues reported these days stem from users not enabling their emulators to use the required amount of RAM.
    We also tend not to use the search feature but post our issues within the texture pack release page.
    Failure to load a texture pack should not be posted in the release thread unless you have already patched the emulator.

    If you don't have the resources to use Large/HD texture packs please do not attempt to do so.
    Users should have a minimum amount of System RAM not less then 4GB's.
    If you have less then 4GB's of RAM do not post about how your emulator crashes,
    RAM is dirt cheap so invest some money into your PC.

    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
    for posting this Solution.

StarFox 64 Retexture

Kid A

Ok, this is only a start. I made some presentation textures and some training textures. Enjoy. Here, some pics. :p ( please, sorry my bad english )


Pathetic Member
Looking pretty nice!!!! Also, nice to know another different game is being worked on! Keep it up, Kid A! :)


Emulator Developer
There should be many duplications. If you only count individual textures, the number should be less than one third of it. You need want to enhance every textures, but only the significant ones.


New member
Attatched is a render of "Venom" that you can use in the levels that are close to venom and have it in the background :happy: It is 1024x1024 and in BMP format
Kid A

Kid A

neo64 said:
Hey Kid A, may I join the team and retexture StarFox too? I could do all the UI stuff if you want.

Hey don´t ask me for permission to retetxture StarFox. Do whatever you want and then post it here. But you have to pay me first. :p No, no. Sorry :p


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New textures are well or not? :bouncy: