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Snes9x 1.5 released!


At your service, dood!
synch said:
I prefered to launch visual c and port it :D But don't get your hopes up, as I don't expect this to be finished soon, as I've got a major project in the works, that'll eat all my time (atleast, for the next 2 weeks).
That screenshot looks impressive, I would be quite happy to use a command line version if it supports the video and the sound. Great work hope to see a release of it!


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Last night got sound working, so now "just" misses properly using the configuration (window sizes, number and assigning yoypads, etc).


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I fixed some bugs that arised from not looking the original makefiles (fixed Super Mario Kart 2), and added suport from SDD1 games (Street Fighter Alpha 2, for example). When I've time to properly test the joypads configuration, some minor glitches that I don't know if are my fault or the original sources and clean up the port sources a bit, I'll release. I don't know how much this will take :p
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Whoa, but you're doing so much progress and with no windows port we'll be happy with anything you can give us - bugs or not!