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Smash Bros Melee Model Viewer Status


sory if i dont show much progres but my conection ir runing slow and i have problems posting attachments.
the biped is totaly finished and working
what textures do you prefer OOT style or TP?


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Congrats on offering up a release, Jahra!n. A part of me had kinda hoped no one would, but the other part has been dying to stick a copy of my MAXScript up here since I've had it. Especially since it can currently import the player models and partially the levels. Oh well


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Yeah thanks for the source.
Im gonna take a look at this myself and see if i can do something with it, if only to learn some new stuff about file formats etc.


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I would go for the Twilight Princess Style personally, i'm sick of seeing OoT Link everywhere.

You may have a problem when it comes to Ganon, you may have to dump the geometry from the OoT Rom, and then work on adding detail, and smoothing the edges.


no i would definetly use the SSBM model and edit it so hi looks more like the OOT version, since the melee versin would keep my polygon level so the is not much diference in cuality betwen link and ganon.
also the OOT texture type would be beter since it would look like the spaceworld video i saw some time ago wich i realy loved.


OoT Style? OoT version? What about Ocarina of Time and SSBM? I am confused...

EDIT: ARGH! I can't open any converted models at all. List of stuff I converted and got my progs (3DS, Milkshape) crashed:

EDIT2: Well...
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Hi jahrain i was wondering what program you use to open the exports, since 3D max 7.0 crashes, milkshape show's only a cloud of vertices (no face data) which reasamles the models but has vertices that dont belong there, and blender dosent do anything. And well i dont have the money to aford Maya. any sugestions?

Teo95gr what you have there is preaty good just add the polys that you are mising (join the points. its hard work but it is great to see the compleat model).

This is a sample of what you can make (the imported model had all polys but changing pose was similary hard to joining points)

On another subject were would be a good place to post screenshots of my project since it has not much to do with emulation and i dont want to ruin the topic since it is great .

yet another cuestion Has or will sombody port the exporter to c or c++ (i offer my renderer souce "c++, GLUT Linux, Windows" for a viewer) since those are the only ones i know good enougt to mess with.
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I am FireandIce and i am new to this forums.

I also have a question. I don't know if this is allowed, so please mods be kind.

Please could someone of you be so nice and send me the model of young link with email? (OBJ, or Maya or another format)
I have SSBM for GC but i don't want to dl a rom or make it for myself just to rip out that model.

It would be very great if someone could send it to me because when i saw this thread for the first time i thought: OMG i must have this model.


my email is: [email protected]

thanks for reading my first post
Fireand Ice
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FireandIce said:

I am FireandIce and i am new to this forums.

I also have a question. I don't know if this is allowed, so please mods be kind.
It's easy enough to find out. In fact, here's a couple of links for you take a look at.

As for whether your request is against the rules or not, I kind of sort of think it might be, since the models are copywrited material. I'm not entirely sure though. Anyway, read up on those links. They're quite useful, I assure you. Mouser X over and out.


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@ linkcanbino :
Why your link model from body looks more like low res?
The model file from SSBM has alot of more details...
Maybe you have some trouble with editing to the T-stance mode but....
Are they impossible without to loose details?

i add a movie which show the details of links model! (sorry for the drunken camera)


linkcanabico said:
Teo95gr what you have there is preaty good just add the polys that you are mising (join the points. its hard work but it is great to see the compleat model)
Argh! How do I do that?
ARGH! I have to skin it myself


Hi yes i know my model is a bit lower resoluion but im trying to solve it the problem was that the model was made up fron many sub meshes and I eronusly simply welded them together wich caused that the normals tat were giving detail to colaps and lose that HiRes fealing the SSBM model has.

Also there was a snobish fealing in me that insisted that i could "improve" the model a bit (yes i have been proven wrong i admit it).

Im alredy working to solve it.

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I used this code to patch the output .obj file:


$filed = file('MODEL.obj'); // SOURCE FILE

header ('Content-Type: text/plain');
for ($i = 0; $i < count($filed); $i ++) {
	$xda = explode(' ', $xd = $filed[$i]);
	if ($xda[0] == 'vt') {
		$xd = '';
	$data .= trim($xd) . "\r\n";
$f = fopen('FIXED.obj', 'w'); // DESTINATION FILE
fwrite ($f, $data);
fclose ($f);


Yeah, PHP is my primary language.
I loaded a model in AccuTrans 3D, it works, but....
View attachment 33702

When I exported to other program,
the model opens with errors.


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ok well i tryed doing all of this. i got the gcm image, ssbm veiwer, 3dmax 6, and a plugin for it to view obj files. I did everything and my final result in 3dmax6 is just the model with some errors but its all black and white gradeints. then i opened it in some 3d veiwer called quick3d geometry. this is wat i got : http://life.byethost11.com/nesss.JPG
In the other screenshots i saw some had textures and soem were just grey and with less errors. please help.:plain:


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The other shots that had textures got a hold of them by means of dumping them (typically from an emu)
The reason why the lighting acts wierd is becuase the Normals wern't properly dumped, and the main reason for all of the errors is simply because the dumper isn't in a completed stage.


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ohhhh i see. in dolphin theres an option to dump textures, is that wat u do? oh and the metroid project ur doing, will soem files extensions be similar to ssbm extensions? good luck on that by the way.