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Smash Bros Melee Model Viewer Status


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i think it's sad, that because of some people who abuse a program, everyone else who respects the creators work can't use a feature, because the creator disables it. i would understand you, if you would do that, sarahharp (or whoever is working on a viewer, too) but i'd prefer a version with an exporter. :D


psychodan said:
The number 1 reason to NOT include an exporter

Perhaps its worth mentioning.. models exported from Thakis' Viewer are available to BUY on Turbosquid and briefly on Renderosity. Yes, the seller expects you to actually PAY for the models they ripped. I also found some halo rips for sale, as well as a few other games.

in my opinion, Charging money for ripped content is worse then passing it off as your own

Actually the models at Turbosquid that were "Supposedly" rippped by Thakis' viewer have been there before Thakis' viewer was released.


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BlueFalcon7 said:
that was when? Because thakis' viewer has been around since sometime around the beginning of '05.
I was initially refering to a different one then this which i couldnt find just now as i looked on turbosquid.. the last one had a wireframe pic that was identical to one ripped from the game.

however, this one posted "Dec 19, 2005" looks an aweful lot like a game rip. It might not be though as it seems to have fingers... something i dont remember the game model having. though that doesnt rule out that it might be an edited one, especially considering the LACK of likeness on the mario and luigi models that the same user has up. http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/291309

again though, this is not the initial one i refered to. That one wasnt even rigged.

On another note, since everyone likes pictures including me, I stuck this up on my deviantART site reciently. I'm re-building the peach's castle area for use in a game engine a few friends are working on. Not especially great, but I havent seen images in this thread for a while
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Wow im suprised to return to still see this thread active. Anyways as a progress update i have unfortunate news. No matter how hard i try i just can't seem to get my code to work right. It requires extensive editing to the models after being converted to get just the mesh to look half as descent. I can't seem to figure out any dynamic settings to get it to work right with all or most of the files. I guess its becuase my code just scans through the whole file searching the bytes for possible primitive groups but just runs into tooo many byte anomolies that fools my app. Also it requires extensive per-file settings just to get certain files to work properly. I just don't think im a talented enough programmer to solve these problems. I haven't trashed the project though. Perhaps when im much more experienced with coding i will find ways to tackle these issues im running into.

In the mean time, I think sarah should release hers, shes much more of a talented programmer than i am and i think hers should work way better than mine will ever in a million years.

And about the exporter. The creators of this can in no way be responsable for people mis-using the tool for plagerism or copyright infringments. If someone chooses to take ANY tool and abuse it to do something illegal or just wrong, or what its not ment to do, its their responsability. You can't blame the factory who makes hammers if someone chooses to take that hammer and use it as a murder weapon. Thats rediculous.

For me being able to view and observe these models in the very same program they were created in or could have been created in is a great source of inspiration, education, and usefullness to me as a modeler myself. For a programmer its like being able to view the source code of a application that you admire becuase of how it works. Not only will it inspire you but also teach you allot to by viewing the source code so that you as a programmer can learn from or even impliment the tricks and techniques within that source code into your own code to make what ever your programming much better. Its the same thing with models. Thats what pushed me into attempting to program this viewer. If people want to use it to sell copyrighted material or plagerise Nintendo's work, thats their wrong doing and im sure they will face what ever consiquences for doing so. I consider it selfish to push my own personal views and opinions into any app i create by disabling easily added yet usefull features just becuase someone may mis-use that feature. And besides, selling copyrighted models or claiming them to your own work is just as rediculous as taking someone's painting or sketches from a website and claiming it to be their painting and drawing. You can't blame the makers of interwebs for allowing people to save jpgs off websites. Imagine if you could never ever save any jpg off the net becuase the makers of the internet thought it would be unfair to artists becuase someone could just take the jpgs or what ever images they put up on the net then plagerize it. That would be a total drag wouldnt it? Even if all you wanted to do was use that artwork as a wallpaper and not plagerize it you can't becuase the makers of the internet think you might plagerize it.

I'm hardly a programmer, i can only use basic. Sarah is someone fit to do this sort of work and im glad she took it on. I'm hoping she releases it some time soon as well.


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Wow, that is some inspiration and a half : )
Since my schooling has finished, and my move doesn't start for another few weeks or so, I'll consider hammering out on the viewer again.


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Thank you Jahr!an for trying, and telling us your status. I still give you props, and I still think you did good for attempting it ;) meanwhile, we have had teo95gr keeping this thread alive by asking for status reports, and screenshots, so we know that the metroid model viewer is making progress...
But good luck Jahar!an, with future projects.
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Good job, hope to see it if it's ever finished. Two is better than one. Thanks for trying to help out the community :).



Hi I'm new here and i dont know how to use the VB module (i have visual studio but only use C++), and i don't know how to read bin files.
I'm trying to get the data of "PlLk" or any other model of Link even the vertex array is enough if someone could explain how extract it with a hex editor or send me the data i would apreciate it very much.

Jahrain, graet job.

PD (I have the extracted files i'm not asking for the .gcm only for a way to read the link model for an animation)

[email protected]
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Little question...
Is it possible to post here ripped 3d models without copyrighted stuff like textures...?
cause i have extract the Leon model file from Resident Evil 4 !
But it is against the rules if i describe how i rip them and i will get banned!
Therefore i just want to ask is it allowed to post the model or not...

At this time im just able to rip Leon and some weapons but maybe i get the time to build a working extractor...:drool:
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