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SEO and emutalk.net broken!


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Where are you martin!

SEO is currently broken (i clicked your name to send you a pm and ended up on winter_mutes profile)
and http://www.emutalk.net/ (also from search engine links) is not loading the main index

ok... i jumped the gun on the emutalk stuff being bust (just needed a shift+refresh)

but SEO's being iffy still

anyway, for some reason both you and wintermute have the same seo number so clicking your profile goes to his instead

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This thread was copied to the staff forum and I saw it there, thanks for your report :)

Everything is working correctly on my end. Maybe it was acting up a bit because of the server switch? We just moved to a new server. :)


The Great Gunblade Wielder
Clicking your username in the subforum index view on some topics shows your profile url with a 0 instead of 2 (postbit/urlcache probably needs rebuilding)

infact, this appears to be the case for all users / posts may 28th and older in the news section
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At the beginning of the server does not send requests, but now the server is running fine. The impression is that you have moved to a new server ...