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Saturn Emulation Screenshots


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Thanks Boriz,

I changed the error message to English, and here's what I get after I try booting up the ISO using Daemon tools. The SEGA screen comes up (like the game is booting properly) and then this:


MasterSH2 code=e101
06033006:(E101) MOV H'01, R1

SlaveSH2 code = B0BE
20000200:(B0BE) BSR H'20000380
20000202:(277A) XOR R7,R7
68000 code=6714
000011A4:(6714) BEQ $000011BA
Unknown SMPC command:0A

Doesn't mean anything to me, but I'm sure it means something to you guys.

Like I said, I've gotten many games to work perfectly fine before this - Sexy Parodius, Cotton Boomerang, Shining Force 3, etc.

Thanks for any help!


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d+pad said:
here's what I get after I try booting up the ISO using Daemon tools.
That's the problem. It's most likely a busted copy of the game. Get the original and make a bin/cue dump of it.


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I've burned the iso/wavs to CD, though, and got that working on my modded Saturn - so doesn't that imply the dump is OK?

I'm not against getting an actual copy of the game, as it's cheap enough now, but don't want to do that if I already have a working copy.

Does that error mean anything to you?


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That kind of error frequently comes up when the emulator hits something that isnt emulated or shouldnt happen. As all Bomberman games ever released for the Saturn work fine on SSF, the problem lies within the iso/wav copy you have. The fact that you can burn it and play it means nothing.


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Ok then - guess I'll be buying a copy on ebay! Thanks for the help.

Another random-ish question - should all of the Parodius games work on SSF? I get Sexy Parodius to work fine, but not having such luck with Jikkyou Oshybari Parodius.

Thanks again!


Saturnin forever !
Some screenshots from the current Satourne beta

Cotton 2 :

Cotton Boomerang :

Street Fighter Collection :


And last but not least, Shining Force 3 - scenario 1 :

I don't have much time to do testing, so it'll be all for now ;)


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Wow - those shots on the Satourne beta look great! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks to you, too, Borisz - Sexy Parodius def. works (and looks beautiful - I'll try to post some shots soon) and it looks like Parodius Deluxe Pack works, too. Only problem I've encountered so far was a glitchy background in the 3rd level. I'm going to get an actual copy of the game and see if it's SSF that is causing the glitch or a busted ISO.

I've gotten Cotton Boomerang to work perfectly on the new SSF, and Twin Bee Deluxe Pack as well. Oh, and Magic Night Rayearth, too. Guess I'll have to stop typing soon and start sending screen shots :)


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I don't have Contra so I can't try it.

Uploaded (more) pics for Xmen COTA, Bootleg Sampler, Crime Wave and the Earthworm Jim 2 prototype.


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Added shots for Marvel Super Heroes, Akumajou Dracula X (aka Castlevania SOTN), Puyo Puyo Tsuu, Virtua Fighter, Shinpi no Sekai El-Hazard, Cat the Ripper, In the Hunt, Virtua Fighter CG collection, Mortal Kombat 2, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Tomb Raider, Dragon Ball Z Shin Butouden. And some others I forgot about.

Now counting over 2500 screenshots.


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Screenshots added for Eternal Melody, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Break Point, Dezaemon 2, Godzilla ~Rettoushinkan~.


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Screenshots added for Tempest 2000 (which doesnt go past beyond the intro logos, unfortunetaly), Worms, and Biohazard.
And for two yet undumped BIOS files (UE 1.00a and v-saturn 1.01).

I'm on a roll this week :p

Sri Narayan

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Just my today's cvs build of yabause (game: Albert Odyssey)
(edit) You now can modify the keys of the joystick !!!!

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