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Saturn Emulation Screenshots


This will be the official thread for anyone to show off their screenshots of games from various saturn emulators.

It would be helpful to list the game and emulator used as well :)

To take screenshots, hit Control+Print Scrrent (above insert key) then paste into MS paint, and save as a PNG or JPEG and upload.

I'll start it off with Daytona USA from SSF 0.06 Alpha


-= Clark Kent -X- =-
Game: Christmas Nights

Running on: Girigiri(sega) Hack

info: The game runs almost flawlessly. A few sound effect issues here and there, but not too many. The background music and sung lyrics are great. Now I gotta get my Nights Into Dreams disk back and play the whole game. Christmas Nights only lets you play the first level/boss. The game also runs full speed most of the time and slow downs are almost unnoticeable. I had to edit the games.dat and entered a "christmas nights"+gamecode+options entry though, but the game works great nonetheless. The game ran horrendously slow before I added the entry. ;)

settings: 800x600, 4xFSAA. :happy: Enjoy!!
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-= Clark Kent -X- =-
I took these next ingame shots in the regular Nights mode. I'll try to post up how they look in christmas later. ;)

Boss fight, To compare: