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RPCS3 dev.0.0.19-12974

RPCS3 is a multi-platform open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger for Windows, Linux and BSD. The purpose of the project is to completely and accurately emulate PlayStation 3 in its entirety with the power of open-source community and reverse engineering.


Latest changes:
rsx: Fixate time stamp of VBLANK
rsx: Fix typo in VBLANK processing regarding emulation pause
rsx: Implement NTSC fixup mode, improve VBLANK accuracy
GUI: Always show thread name for fatal messages
overlays: fix graph offset error after applying new config
Add more logging for Emulator Stop events
Qt: multithreaded trophy icon refresh
SPU DisAsm: Force decimal point insertion for constant floats
Emu: Move VFS mount to Init

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