What's new

Rosalie’s Mupen GUI v0.6.5 released!

Rosalie's Mupen GUI is a free and open-source mupen64plus front-end written in C++.

It offers a simple-to-use user interface.



– Fix not showing an error when per-game plugin settings are invalid
– Fix settings dialog behavior for plugins not being the same for per-game plugin settings
– Add “restore defaults” button to configuration GUI of paraLLEl angry andlion-rdp-plus
– Add “OpenGL type” option to the settings dialog which allows opting OpenGL ES
– Add dynamic OpenGL ES detection to angrylion-rdp-plus (see ata4/angrylion-rdp-plus-57)
– Improvescreen selection by making it editable in the configuration GUI of paraLLEl and anic-lion-rdp-plus
– Improve letter casing in settings dialog, RMG-Input and RMG-Audio
– Improve about dialog
– Change 'Miscellaneous' tab name to 'General' and change position in settings dialog
– Update GLideN64 and SDL-GameControllerDB