What's new

Rosalie’s Mupen GUI v0.5.9 has released!

It is a user interface that is simple to use for mupen64plus (which it integrates), free and open source is written in C-plus.



– Fix parallel-rsp regression introduced in v0.5.8 (see libretro/parallel-rsp-12)
– Fix corruption when using GLideN64 and resizing the window (seet gone/GLideN64-2835)
– Fix changing save state slot always selecting slot 0 on some system configurations
– Fix changing speed factor always using 0% on some system configurations
– Add color settings for the OSD in the settings dialog
– Add 'Test Rumble' button to the options dialog in RMG-Input
– Add 'Play Game with State' to the context menu of the ROM browser
– Add '-load-state-slot' commandline option
– Update cheats and GLideN64