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Rice Video 5.9.9 release as it, merry christmas and happy new year to emutalk members


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

This is not intend to be a formal and regular release. I have got some spare time recently and worked on the project again for sometime. I have done something good and would like to share it with our N64 emulation lovers.

I cannot remember what I have been doing since I have done it here and there unconsistently over a long period of time. Here are something in my mind for important fixes:

- Near plane clipping. New implementation on top of software vertex clipper is able to simulate N64's near plane clipping algorithm on DirectX. It allows graphics before the near clipping plane to be shown without being clipped. It should work for all the games, but I tested it with Zelda OOT and GoldenEye. This new feature makes many games looks better (less graphics glitches)
- New ucodes supported for new games, even though some such games are not actually supported by the CPU core or audio plugin.

Feedback is welcomed. As the author, I like to see how good or how bad the plugin is. Since I won't work on it consistently, it is not likely that I will work on them in the way as everyone wants.


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Wow. Conker's looking much better now! Rogue Squadron is going much further! C&C looking good! Quake looks flawless! JFG looking nice! Merry Christmas Rice! :happy:


At your service, dood!
Thanks Rice. Happy Christmas and New Year to you as well, I will be happy to give you my opinion on your work in a little while, I need to find those cds...


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Thanks a lot man. Merry Christmas to you, too.

Great job! It fixes the infamous Star Wars Episode 1 race clipping problem perfectly. :)
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mario golf is playing terrific , with green grass. and no problems when setting up for shot like black screen . also mario tennis seems to play much better now.


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Thank you rice! Its nice to see you popping your head back in. thanks for the update on the plugin = )


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Amazing stuff Rice :) Thank you for the Christmas present. Will report some feedback soon - time to break out the Adaptoid again!

Merry Christmas.


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Great work Rice. Nvidia's drivers still suck so I have to use the limited combiners right now. I'll swich to older and more compatible drivers to test the plugin asap.


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While I`ll be trying it out later today, I couldn`t wait to wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too Rice!!

The Siskoo

Whaouu incredible, Da Rice :). I like this christmas gift. Merry Christmas for all.

I made 2 pics. One with rice 5.6.0, the other with Rice 5.9.9, same options.
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