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Project 64 alive again


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The project has been on hiatus for a little bit, well probably about a year!
With the payments, I have found another company to try. I have re-enabled the donation page to see how they work out.
The account creation process is not automatic so I will have to create the accounts by hand. I still have a busy life,
things have not slowed down. My wife is now currently 8 months pregnant.
If this payment method works, then I will over the next few months look at doing some work on improving the site.
Then I will get back to the actual coding of the emu, where I am sure everyone of you would like me to be.



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YES! I knew the project would see more work! Fantastic news, hope to see things pick up again. You've done a great job so far, keep up the good work.

The past couple weeks have sure been exciting. First Dolphin goes open source, then N-Rage pops up again, now this bombshell. The only thing left is for No$GBA to see another release.
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unfortunately martin korth got sucked into a black hole while compiling the new nogba build. apparently he left a closing bracket off of one of his core optimisations and the resulting open equation broke space and time itself.


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martin's paypal account is closed/suspended and he hasn't responded to my email from some time ago... perhaps he has no internet connection?


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This might have been the quickest topic hijack in Emutalk history. I brought about the change of subject, but we need to get back on topic, here. :p