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I can't remember if theres one of these threads already or not, but i wanted to post some pics of my new WIP rig so here we go.




AMD 64 3700, 1 gig corsair xms platinum @ 2-3-3-6, ASUS-A8N SLI Premium Mobo, and to top it all of, ATI 9250 PCI.

Heh, Until next week when my buddy is letting me use his 6800GT PCI-e so I can make it to our next lan and afford my new 7800GT.


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My rig is too awesome to be seen with the likes of you commoners...
in other words I lost my digital camera...


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:D lol, how big is that zalman on your video card?

On a somewhat unrelated note, does someone know where I can get a replacement fan for my AIW Radeon 8500? It's starting to die on me... making loud noises and such. :/


Cool's case is the case I'm wanting. ;P

My computer is pretty much (the exterior at least) the first two poster's computers without the anything special. Just a black PC.

General Plot

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Well, it's getting a little old, but this is my baby.:p It's had a backlight installed on the inside since these pics were taken, but overall, it still looks the same.:D


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My computer

The Innards

A shot in the dark

Those are the shots of my computer, the heatsink on the CPU is a ThermalRight XP90, and on my 7800GTX I have a Stasis IceStorn NV6800C3 with a 6800U memory sink. It's clocked at 500/1390 and gets about 9300 3dmarks in 3dmark05
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hmmm. its an old one (bought 02-2005) but still runs the heaviest games (still not pcsx2 :p) nowadays.. so i'm still happy with it!



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WhiteX said:
Old piece of junk! Wanna trade? :p

but still runs the heaviest games nowadays.. so i'm still happy with it!

So guess you need to wait :p

anyway, saw a new concept about Quad-SLI, so maybe upgrading soon :p

generalplot said:
You might want to update that.

Thanx plot, it's nice to run xp @ 2MB :p


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With G71 right around the corner, buying a quad SLI system based on the G70 will be a waste.

Either way, buying another DX9 card now when your system is already so powerful is a waste. I'd wait until this fall which is when DX10 is supposed to come out.