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PCSX2 macOS 1.7 Dev 2022-02-10 released!

PCSX2 is a free and open-source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator. Its purpose is to emulate the PS2's hardware, using a combination of MIPS CPU Interpreters, Recompilers and a Virtual Machine which manages hardware states and PS2 system memory. This allows you to play PS2 games on your macOS, with many additional features and benefits.

Note: The 32-bit build is for ancient computers and does not include Vulkan or Metal renderers, but does work on Macs as old as macOS 10.9. Use it only if you can't run the 64-bit build. Since this fix only changes the Metal renderer, I've attached the 02-07 build for 32-bit.

This release is a hotfix for 2022-02-07, with the following changes to the Metal renderer:

  • Fix crash on texture download for all GPUs
  • Fix issue with massive points on M1 Macs (known to affect Silent Hill 2 and Valkyrie Profile)
  • Mostly fix depth issues on newish (Broadwell+) Intel GPUs (if you have a game still experiences problems in the Metal renderer, please let me know)