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PCSX-Redux dev.8754-20220427

PCSX-Redux is yet another fork of the PCSX emulator. Project goals are: code with up to date standards, monolithic codebase instead plugins, readability and portability, improved rendering and debugging experience.


Latest changes in recent emulator devbuilds:
  • Add missing itob conversion in CdlGetTD, fixes Ridge Racer music;
  • Don't set texture filters in DoBufferSwap in GPU;
  • Relocate CDDA track type check;
  • ISOReader hooked up to LUA;
  • Better context to breakpoints;
  • Fixing subfiles' excess read;
  • Fifo + Slices buffer cleanup;
  • Upgrade imgui and zlib;
  • Auto-update system;
  • Fixing GetTN

:: PCSX-Redux website
:: Emulator code on Github
:: PCSX-Redux related news at PSEmu.pl