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OoT Lens of Truth texture


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I'm using Djipi's 2016 OoT 3DS Pack for GlideN64, running in BizHawk 2.5.2, which uses the GLideN64 video plugin.

When I use the Lens of Truth I get this effect: https://i.imgur.com/uGmSuSt.png

I'd like to follow the "Remove broken Texture from Glide 64 .dat Texture Caches" tutorial to remove the Lens of Truth texture for my own use, but the specific 0E654C89 checksum is not present in the pack, presumably because it's for Majora's Mask and not Ocarina of Time. (I know I need to recompress to .htc for GLideN64 instead of .dat)

Does anyone know what file/checksum contains the Lens of Truth texture for Ocarina of Time?
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The Lens of Truth texture in is Ocarina of Time is THE LEGEND OF ZELDA#57ACA591#4#1_all.png

This does not appear in Djipi's 2016 OoT 3DS Pack.

The issue I was having when I was using the Lens of Truth can be resolved by performing the following steps:
1. Delete %AppData%\Mupen64Plus\cache\THE LEGEND OF ZELDA_MEMORYCACHE.htc
2. In GlideN64, disable Texture Enhancement. This will ensure the above file does not get recreated.