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no$gba v3.04 released!

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23 Mar 2021 - version 3.04
- web: released new gbatek version with separate htm pages per chapter
- help engine: allows to export gbatek to multple chapter-name.htm pages
- help engine: added search/prev/next functions, and goto prev/next chapter
- help engine: save_as adds vgwort markers to htm pages (for usage stats)
- debug: added simple ARM CPU tracelog function (in tty debugmsg window)
- debug: added nds-wifi IE/IF interrupt enable/flags (in io map window)
- nds-ir-help: cartridge infrared port SPI commands and memory map
- nds-ir-help: activity meter IR commands and memory map
- nds-ir-help: p-walter IR commands, memory map, LCD and Accel registers
- nds-ir-help: component lists for infrared carts and pedometers
- nds-ir-help: H8/386 exception vectors and SFRs, H8/300H registers and opcodes
- nds-cart-help: SanDisk rom supports max 200h-byte blocks (padded with FFh)
- dsi-i2c-help: added ACK/NACK notes (thanks lidnariq)
- nds-wifi-help: much better specs for nintendo beacons (zone and download play)
- nds-wifi-help: much better specs for ds download play transfer protocol
- nds-wifi-help: added CMD/REPLY multiplay specs (thanks Arisotura)
- nds-wifi-emu: multiplay cmd/reply transfers (semi-stable)
- nds-wifi-emu: data frame rxhdr cmd/reply type, and txhdr reply status
- nds-wifi-emu: data frame rxhdr bssid match flag (per from/to sta/ds)
- nds-wifi-emu: rxfilter for da=mac, and broadcast with/without bssid=bssid
- cmdline: added fullscreen mode commandline switch (see /? for all switches)
- multimachine: mount_system (and init MAC address) now after init machine_id
- multimachine: fixed vram-remapping on add machne (moved after chain_in arm7)
- multimachine: fixed crash on non-existing sinline-dealloc on nds7 side
- multimachine: fixed 2-player no$gba.ini dsi-detect crash (thanks Lorenzo)

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