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New GameCube Emulator Announced - Gekko


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Category: <b>GameCube</b><br><br>Gekko (Not to be confused with the Gamecube's Cpu) is a "proof-of-concept" Gamecube Emulator that we have been working on for the past few months. What this means, is at this time it doesn't offer anything the other emulators don't, it is relatively slow and no commercial games boot. On a different note, currently Gekko is probably the most actively worked on Gamecube Emulator, and considering the great leaps and bounds we've made in the past few weeks, new updates are expected in the very near future. Gekko is currently being developed by myself (ShizZy), aprentice, and thakis, with some assistance from ZeZu. Stay tuned..



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Nice work guys. Keep it up!

aprent - dont get too sidetracked with the ladies, if u know what i mean! :beer:


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Cool. I wonder what kind of specs will eventually be required once GC emulation gets fairly optimized/bug-free. (That was a rhetorical statement.) Nice work!


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seems quite a jump up from your normal level of emulators, damn good luck with this guys, all the best with it, and look forward to trying it :)


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looks cool, nice to see something new. Heh and OS independent gets my vote, especially with all these new x86 Apple machines :D