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NEW - dolwin shots - Latest Beta (11/11/04)


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posty_2k3 said:
Yo. Time for an update on the shots. Just tried out Soul Calibur 2 on the latest Dolwin beta (to my knowledge it is) and I almost got it to go past Licensed by Nintendo screen, but I debugged it for about 2 hours, no progress... :( Even when skipping, I noticed I was skipping the same things over and over again, even when I went farther down the line. Also, it has some problems accessing the memory card, which is why it says "no mem card found" With the card plugged in, it had trouble reading it, and it didnt go past the reading mem card screen.

Sorry posty, but i've already post the same screens, please, take a view of the previous pages of this thread before posting something.



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Cleaned the thread up a bit. As Knuckles said, stop posting useless posts. Only screenshots and comments/praise directly about them are to go in this thread.