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Netplay? Possibly Kaillera?


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CLSugarman said:
oh yeah, i put all the #'s and crap, cuz you wrote it out in a paragraph. People were still confused, so i redid it literally step by step. I did a lot of guides in the old Forum, i was the 1st to test bollywood's fix and i wrote the 30 step instructions. I also wrote another set of instructions for a second Voodoo3 fix, which in my opnion (and others) is superior to bollywood's. It works in NT/2K/XP too. Gugaman and I had like a 7 page, thing of the effects of different drivers that would work best. And for you ppl who are asking which one it was, all i can remember is that for Windows 9x, use Psychodelic's Drivers w/ AGP On, i don't really remember which where for NT/2K/XP, but you have to use Voodoo 4/5 drivers. We tested about 30 different sets of drivers. Too bad the old forum is gone. ah, the good ol' days.

:( you make me regret i wasn't there:(


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Ahh soz CLSugarman, i thought that it was someone like you and old fizban who worked on it, and i was a very log time ago ;)


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well im sorry that this post won't get credited to whom it should of but here it goes,

Ok Here goes: simplified lan version (i'm taking some steps from fizban cuz i'm too lazy to rewrite

1) download NooTe_Di 0.4.0 input plugin with kaillera support from ww.emulation64.com/files/NooTe_DI%200.4.0.zip and extract the NooTe_DI.dll to pj64's "plugin" folder.
2)download mame+kaillera from https://www.worktime.com/employee-monitoring
www.kaillera.com/download.php, install it and in the mame dir you will see a file named "kailleraclient.dll" , copy it to pj64's plugin dir.
3)start pj64, go to options->settings there you will see under "controller" the current input plugin, change that to "NooTe_DI by NooTe version 0.4.0 build 14", press OK.
4) Now go to options->configure controller plugin , in the "kaillera 0.8 or up" box click browse(...) and find kailleraclient.dll that you just copyed to pj64'd dir, check "enable kaillera" , click save and close the box.
5) Exit PJ64

Do these steps on both computers
Now, for the server

1) Download the WINDOWS BINARY server

2) Extract and edit kaillerasrv.conf and change Public=1 to Public=0
3) Run the server

Now to figure out the IP (Do this on the server)
1) Goto Start, Run
2) type : WINIPCFG
3) Select your network adaptor in the combo box
4) Copy down the IP Autoconfiguration Address (w/ the periods) to a piece of paper.

Do this on both computers, i suggest to create game on the server

1) Run PJ64.
2) Make sure Kaillera is enabled
3) Load ROM
4) When the Kaillera thingy pops up, put your username, change the connection type to from 40 to 60, and click Enter IP
5) Type in the IP followed by :27888 like you see in the example
6) Create Game on the server, and Join game on the other computer(s)
7) PLAY!!!

(sorry Ogy this one was based off your guide and i copied it just in case)

so are these download links still up to date? :)