What's new

NanoBoyAdvance v1.8.1 released!

It is a very precise GameBoy Advance emulator written in C. It aims at accurate cycle emulation where possible, while offering improvements such as better audio quality.

Some characteristics:
– Very high compatibility and accuracy (see Precision Chapter)
– HQ audio mixer (for games that use Nintendo's MusicPlayer2000 sound engine)
– Post-processing options (colour correction, xBR-scale and simulation of LCD phantom images)
– Support for backup status (10 backup locations available)
– Support for the game controller (the buttons and the axes can be remapped)
– Loading of ROM from archives (zip, 7z, Tar and limited support from RAR1)
– Emulation RTC
– Solar sensor emulation (e.g. for Boktai – The sun is in your hand)


The changes:

– UI: implement an option to pause the emulator when the window is inactive
– UI: improve lack of response to input changes in the sprite viewer when the emulator is paused
– UI: replace QOpenGLWidget with QWidget (thanks 'GranMinigun)
– UI: fix solar sensor level menu that has been broken in 1.8.0
– GPIO: fixed broken deserialization of port directions
– APU: MP2K HLE: handle corrupted wave info addresses (fixes 362)
– APU: PSG L/R volume must be remapped from 0-7 to 1-8
– GameDB: Japanese Boktai releases have a solar sensor (thanks 'raphaelr')
– Redirect stdout on Windows (thanks 'GranMinigun')