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  • Most issues reported these days stem from users not enabling their emulators to use the required amount of RAM.
    We also tend not to use the search feature but post our issues within the texture pack release page.
    Failure to load a texture pack should not be posted in the release thread unless you have already patched the emulator.

    If you don't have the resources to use Large/HD texture packs please do not attempt to do so.
    Users should have a minimum amount of System RAM not less then 4GB's.
    If you have less then 4GB's of RAM do not post about how your emulator crashes,
    RAM is dirt cheap so invest some money into your PC.

    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
    for posting this Solution.

Monopoly 64 retexture


What up party people? Here's a little present for you monopoly fans. Feel free to contribute, modify, criticize, or download my porn:

PS Rice, I just wanted to say awesome job on the plugin, keep going! Sorry I can't idly chat more often, but the world is not a democracy.... and certainly not on this forum! Peace!

Since nobody has responded I can guess that not many people play monopoly 64. Here's some tips that make it pretty fun:
1. Turn off the speed limiter. It's a slooow game at regular speed.
2. Make all the bots intelligent. It's still hard to lose when you get good at trading.
3. Turn off walking animations in the game menu. And sound. Put on some nice mp3s in winamp instead.
4. Make the CF=1 or the AI will lock up eventually.
5. The latest beta of Rice's plugin seems to crash at random for me. Try an earlier beta, for high res support, or just use a diff plugin all together and skip the high res, for now.
Following those steps makes monopoly 64 pretty fun on my PC.

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