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    We also tend not to use the search feature but post our issues within the texture pack release page.
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    If you don't have the resources to use Large/HD texture packs please do not attempt to do so.
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    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
    for posting this Solution.

Mollymutt's Hi-rez Paper Mario


aka Saiko..




Update!! I retextured King Goomba, and I redid the coin from the hud. Put the coin textures in the hud folder.

Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
Here are three screenshots of areas I found that had no re-textures.

The characters after the Star Spirit talks to you, Goomba's, have no re-textures.

Do you need the actual files or something?
I attached the entire dump of the area where the Star Spirit talks to you in a .zip

I hope this helps you! :D

Update: On the first picture, it looks like that "Toad" poster or thing hanging on the right area of the right wall is not re-textured?
Update: Found another character not updated, not sure who it is either.
Two more screenshots added. Its that old Goomba in the door after Goombaria, the one who saved you after Bowser knocked you out cold.
Update: Found another part that was not re-textured, image has been attached. It looks like a side-ways wooden Poke-Ball. (6th picture)
Update: Behind the house of the previous pictures, the old Goomba staring outside is not re-textured, image attached.
Update: Found more un-retextured images, they have to do with the 8th screenshot, you also missed that gate to the right of that old looking Goomba as well :p
Update: On the 9th screenshot, I cannot tell if the old looking goomba that say's "I just fixed that gate" is re-textured or not, so I took a screenshot, and is the broken gate not re-textured?
Update: It was too quick for me, but, right when you are told to get your FIRST hammer from the old goomba looking out from the Verdana and he is gone, the Verdana is gone too, Mario falls and before Mario falls there is what I think I saw an un-textured image of him. Not sure, but it looks like it.
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Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
I found another image that may need to be re-textured.
Check the first image attachment to see it. I believe the block to the left of the text is un-textured.
Update: After looking at the image more, I realized not only is the block un-retextured, so is Mario!
The Goomba to the left of him is too.

Update: The mushrooms to the right of Mario, in the second attached screenshot, seem to be un-retextured too.

Update: The egg person in the third picture is not at all re-textured.

Update: On the fourth picture, it seems the gloved hand pointing to an enemy you fight in battles is un-retextured.
Edit, it seems I had some options on which kept it from being re-textured, odd.
Screenshot attached.

Update: The starpoints after winning a battle seem to be un-retextured?
6th picture.

Update: I updated with a new pack!
Contains missed Mario sprites, Goomba's, that flying sorcerer and that Egg enemy, and I think more.

Update: 7th screenshot shows the heart that heals you was un-retextured.

Update: The fire-flower pictured here above the spring after you get your Hammer is un-retextured, 8th picture

Update: 9th picture, Mario is un-retextured when winning a battle
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Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
First picture, the mushroom to the right of Mario is un-retextured.

Second picture, the caged heart is un-retextured, and Mario's eyes are missing o_o;

Third picture, your Goomba partner's victory pose, near the end, is un-retextured

Fourth picture, a stray mushroom is un-retextured

Fifth picture, FP flowers gained after beating an enemy are un-retextured

Sixth picture, the mushroom on the poster later after getting your first hammer is un-retextured
Also, if you look a the checkered background, look at the text, it seems to be un-retextured?

Seventh picture, the life points or hearts after beating an enemy seem to be un-retextured

Eigth picture, Mario is un-retextured when talking to his partner Goomba inside a battle but before attacking

Nineth picture, the options on what to improve seem to be un-retextured

No picture, but when using a Fire Flower to attack enemies, Mario is un-retextured

No picture, but Mario eating a Mushroom which restores 5 HP has Mario un-retextured

No picture, but many "!" "?" and similar notes/signs are un-retextured, the ones that show emotion

No picture, but flying winged Goombas death animation is un-retextured

Updated pack included!
I think it includes mushrooms, flowers and missing sprites?
Not sure.
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Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
First picture, right after fighting King Goomba, you hit a switch to get across the bridge. Once you cross it and advance on, the witch looking girl looks un-retextured.

Second picture, the witch again is un-retextured a bit in her stalling animation when she is talking to Bowser after the King Goomba fight and crossing the bridge.

Third picture, the letters in red "K" in "Koopas" and "b" in "bros." appear to be un-retextured.

Fourth picture, the Koopa Bros. are TOTALLY un-retextured

Fifth picture, the red Koopa brother is partially un-retextured while talking

Sixth picture, in Toad Town, the second house from the top right has un-retextured items and the show owner

Seventh picture, Felissa T. is un-retextured in Toad Town

Eigth picture, when visiting Luigi for the first time in Toad Town after going through a pipe to your house, Luigi is un-retextured while singing and talking

Nineth picture, the green Toad seems to be un-retextured when walking, but when standing and stalling, he's re-textured

Tenth picture, the Star Piece in Toad Town's animation has one or more frames un-retextured

No picture, but the Sleepy Sheep icon inside a block is un-retextured, so is the one when you hit a block and it comes out.

No picture, but the two Green Toads in the door on the nineth picture are un-retextured

No picture, but the small green tutle guy's animation when he talks to you is un-retextured in a frame or two
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No one ever claimed we had the entire game retextured. Far from it. turn on the texture dumping option and see just how many textures there are. Who knows if it will ever get 100% done.


aka Saiko..
Sorry for lack of work boyz but I really don't have time...I'll try to catch those missed frames but I don't promise..Thnx Janet Merai for trying to help..
Also nice work on King Goomba,Molly :)

Janet Merai

TLOZ: Unicorns Lair Artist
Well I am playing through the game since I never beat it when I had the original game for the Nintendo 64.

So why not? :)

Edit: I found that the Post Office sign is not re-textured, neither is the clerk for the Post Office, a Parakarry. Not the one at the left, but the Clerk at the desk.
Also, when checking your mail, the letters in black, I found that the "&" sign is not re-textured
Its the same for the "&" sign in white text too when viewing the message to "Goombario" about the Red and Blue Goomba's asking to be friends with Goombario.

First picture, Goombario's faded out letter, once you look at it after reading, is not re-textured.
After looking harder, I realized the capital "R", lower-case "r" and lower-case "d" are not re-textured.

Second picture, I don't know who these guys are, but every-one of them is un-retextured.

Third picture, it seems the blue Toad is un-retextured.

Fouth picture, this pink Toad is un-retextured

Fifth picture, the "bub-ulb" animated stance is un-retextured

Sixth picture, not a un-retextured object, but I found an error in the mapping.
Look CLOSELY at the mapping in the middle of the picture! :D

Update: I attached an updated Texture Dump Pack when talking to the Star Spirit in Shooting Star Summit a bit.
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I was wondering how you guys think about my version of Kalmar, and of the 'Important Item Found'-thing. so, here they are.

(I know i haven't used the pack in this shot)


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Really great job so far! And Janet..calm down! They are aware of the untextured places, and you post WAY too many pics..And you´re posting several posts in a row, you can get banned for that..(i know it´s several days ago, but i don´t CARE)


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And maybe it's better to do all the characters, letters, and items before someone strats doing the 'real' textures


In theory that makes sense, but A) some characters don't show up until later in the game, and B) sometimes characters do different things later in the game, especially Mario. So that would entail major backtracking, and I'm not inclined to do that.