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MNGE's Email response

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AHAH! MNGE (MNGoldenEagle), founder of Zelda's Secret Ocarina, hacked my own old forums, missingno's forums, and has recently registered on my forums, where I deleted his account. Look at his email address at http://zso.freesmfhosting.com missingno's forums.His user is The Gay Lord.ugh.Then I emailed that and even though he denied it, HE IS THE HACKER! :angry:


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And why did you bring all this stuff to ET?
It's a problem between some members of other boards and shouldn't be discussed in another board, because it's a problem between you and MNGE, not ET and the guy.
'nuff said.


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Remember, he's the one that hacked my ruger27 accounts on multiple websites and pronounced that I was gay.


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Silly MasterPhW! Anybody who's anybody knows that it's time to break out the torches and pitchforks! :p



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Just to clear that up, that was TS_Death_Angel, aka ZZT32, who hacked zso and your site. MNGE has never hacked any website/user accounts etc. So dont go crazy blaming MN for your embarrasement since it was ts. And that is his email, but TS hacked that too. so... ya.
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Well this has been interesting. Either someone's forums/server is insecure or fell to brute force (which also means it's insecure.)
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