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Mesen-X v1.0.1 r230911 (FINAL?) is released!

Mesen-X is a fork of Mesen, which is a cross-platform NES/Famicom emulator for Windows & Linux built in C++ and C#. The original Mesen project has paused development, and this fork is meant to collect patches contributed by the community.


– mapper updates by @negativeExponent in #106
– Fix addition for vertically flipped sprites by @mkwong98 in #113
– corrections and some more mappers by @negativeExponent in #112
– fix warnings by @negativeExponent in #114
– mappers by @negativeExponent in #115
– Add Mapper 413 by @negativeExponent in #116
– rewrite jycompany mapper and add related mappers +others by @negativeExponent in #117
– mappers by @negativeExponent in #119
– a few mapper updates by @negativeExponent in #120
– Fix color emphasis emulation in Bisqwit’s NTSC filter by @Gumball2415 in #121
– Fix Action 53 initialization by @negativeExponent in #122
– Add dependency that made linux build fail by @roythearsonist in #125
– blargg NTSC Filter Improvements by @Gumball2415 in #124
– Libretro buildfix by @negativeExponent in #129
– Setup libretro CI by @negativeExponent in #128
– Silence MSVC warnings by @negativeExponent in #130
– Adding delayed writes to $4016 EPSM Addressing by @Perkka2 in #134
– Fix auto size and hd pack enhancement by @mkwong98 in #138
– Composite Filter Improvements by @Gumball2415 in #135
– Fixing bug introduced in the dpi fix by @mkwong98 in #143
– Update .NET Target Framework version to 4.8 by @Gumball2415 in #144
– n163: Allow sound RAM to follow RAM initialization settings by @negativeExponent in #146
– n163: Account for battery flag when initializing internal ram by @negativeExponent in #147
– Mesenx by @negativeExponent in #149
– Fix broken Debugger by @infval in #150

This is the final version (probably) because there is no longer any interest in continuing since the return of the author of Mesen .