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MasterV's Shadowman Texture Pack


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Sooo, after playing and falling in love with this game again recently, I thought I'd make a hi-res texture pack. At th beginning I started it as a PC version mod, but that produced all sorts of negative effects, so I decided to do it for the N64 version instead in my free time.

The premise was simple. Take the base textures, apply some bump mapping here, some shaders there to give it a current gen polish and see what the result is. In my opinion, not bad at all.

The texture pack is complete, with everything in the game given a sprucing up. However, this doesn't mean that everything is perfect.


1)The character models were pretty bad to begin with, so no amount of texture work will make them look much better, plus every time I tied tinkering with them the had hilarious side effects like the whole face apperaing on the side of the head, so they remained as-is with some filtering to not look so ugly.

2)Some seams in a few textures may be visible, though that was the case with both the N64 and the PC version.

3)The menus have been undergone this makeover too, though the result may be jarring or neat. Depends on who you ask.

4)It is probable that some texture errors eluded me. I doubt they are a lot though.

5)This will probably be the final update, but I've redone all fonts, inventory screen icons, enemies and NPCs, as well as in-game item textures,Mike's and Shadowman's textures as well as the glow in Shadowman's eyes and the Shadowmask's glow on his chest. Just extract the folder and copy the textures within each subfolder into the "Shadowman" Hi-res folder you already have, overwriting any duplicates.


6)Reuploaded the entire thing, now everything is inside as originally intended (before the second expac was deleted). Unfortunately, you'll have to redownload the entire thing again, but this time it should be ok.

The pack is divided into 3 parts, which all need to be downloaded before extracting. The resulting folder called "Shadowman" goes into the "hires_texture" folder of your plugins. All files are called STP (Shadowman Texture Pack) to avoid dodgy deletions from Mediafire.

The pack is for the (U) version of the game, and I recommend using Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin,as all others will have the music stop or become choppy during gameplay/cutscenes. For video, I recommend either The Glide64 'Napalm WX', or the Rice plugin and it's variants. Rice's plugins have depth problems with the coronas from light sources, as well as some funky undulations with the skyboxes. Keep in mind that you MUST use texture compression in the Glide plugin, and as a result the textures will appear a little smudged.

You can do whatever you like with this pack, so long as you credit me for it's creation.





v1.0 screenshots



I'll be adding comparison screenshots soon. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Hope you guys enjoy!
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Screenshots v.2

OK, so here are some screenshots to show the differences the texture pack does to some parts of the game. These contain various areas and items from the menu screen, some from later in the game. If you don't want to see things, don't scroll down too much when you press the Spoiler button. Here we go


This is the menu screen, in the original version. Kinda fuzzy, not much detail on the icons. The font may seem legible, but in full blown high resolutions it becomes a blurry mess

This is with the "2econd expansion". Notice the added clarity on the icons and the added clarity on the font

This is the original Pause menu. Important to show the difference in the health/voodoo/shadow power level bar (lower right) and the ammo HUD elements (lowr left)

This is the upgraded Pause menu.

This is Nettie's File, given to you at the start of the game. The font is nigh-illegible on higher resolutions.

Much better now. But the file itself is a bit hit and miss

This is from the intro to the game, where we see some of Jack's architectural plans. A blurry mess in the original.

Much better. Now you can actually see what it's supposed to be there.

And here we have the original Legion. Notice the low-poly model. His clothing textures are a bit crap too.

The new Legion with 2econd expansion textures. His face is better, especially on close-ups and you can actually see detail on his clothes.

This is the vision Nettie has of the Five. Can you tell what that ghostly face is supposed to be?

The ghostly face is much clearer now. This also applies to any and all floating images throughout the game (the bear indicating a teleoprt point for instance). Also, with the 2econd expansion, Nettie looks sharper, with more detail, although that can't do much for the low-poly models (look at Mike's ass for crying out loud).

Here we have the original starting area. This screenshot was mainly picked to show the original sky, and the tree up there on the hill.

More detail overall. I did the ground this way, because it looks more like a swampy, muddy grassland like this.

The original abandoned boat. Note the treeline, the water and Mike himself here.

An overall improvement.

The original Church on the hill. Notice the low-res walls.

I believe they now look more like wet planks, saturated by the humidity.

The original mural inside the church, with a Cadeaux on the altar and a Govi on the distance.

Now you can actually see the painting on the wall (although not from this angle, as well as the addad detail on both the Govi and the Cadeaux.

Here we have the Chamber of Prophecy, to show some Deadside textures, as well as Shadowman himself. Notice the Gad tatoos on his arms, as well as the Poigne, which look like bracers on his wrists, with a red line on them. Also the energy from his eyes and the Shadowmask glow on his chest.

Speaks for itself, really. The biggest change is the Pigne, which are now leather bands reaching up to his biceps with the 2econd expansion.

A shot from the original Asylum cageways.

Notice the added detail on the bricks, the pipes, as well as the sloped surface with the moving red platforms.

I can upload some more if anyone's interested. But these are indicative of how the game looks now. This post brought to you by Shameless Self-bump inc.
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Some of them look a way better, some of theme, look just filtered and others seem to align badly.
But it's a nice progress and keep it going!


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Hmmm indeed. Seems like Mediafire deleted it for some reason. I'll upload it again soon then. Thanks for the heads up.


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The request!

MasterV! Kind time of days!:flowers: I want to express you gratitude,
For the done titanic work; Many thanks, and further successes. I consider that Shadowman - This game a masterpiece!!! So as well as Morrowind Surprises that that, developers do not develop the project and further. We will hope that in the near future (THEY WILL wake up)... The Dear master - MasterV, at me to you the huge request! If there is such possibility to make Reteksturing on "PC Computer"!!! Has downloaded your structures, and they unfortunately not for the personal computer. On the Internet anywhere there are no structures for Shadowman except yours. Make a miracle we belittle you. For admirers of Great game - Shadowman from Ukraine are earlier grateful.
Yes, I ask to excuse me, unfortunately English I own not so, on it I use PROMT.


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Hi, thanks for the great work, but for some reason Im only getting a black screen mainly on when the rom starts then project64 crashes or whatever. Should i use another emulator for this then?


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Sorry for the late reply, but I've been without internet for some time now.

If you're using the Glide plugin and it crashes, try using texture compression. Not using it is something I mistakenly suggested in the original usage guide.

Hope this helps, and check the updated DL links.


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Well, when you have to change ISP, and you have demanding workhours, you kinda find yourself both without interrnet and without the time to even go to a netcafe and upload the stuff. Such is life.