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I've been reading your posts, and man, you really need some work.
So for the time being, I can propose:

Translation to/from English, French and Polish.
Testing on Winxx_x86 and Winxx_x86_64 environments as well as in
Linux x86 and Linux x86_64 environments.

The hardware is a Dual Opteron Server on a fast 100Mbit network.
Feel free to email.


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amir118 said:
there is a new version out but only a select people have it and there r already here i don;t know why emu developers do this

AFAIK, for a plethora of reasons, starting from the usual "fending off warez kiddies for a while" to the "no point in an endless stream of minor releases". And believe me, I know what I'm talking about...
Indeed, it's strange that we heard nothing from garrofi and unai, although the former could be currently taking part to the development of Commandos 4 @ Pyro Studios *drools* Yet again, some testers are at least allowed to confirm that development is still continuing without giving out particulars, others simply aren't. It's all about authors' choices and nothing else.


well, i'm not sure if chankast is still in development, i think that is dead, but some other emulators that seemed to be dead like Project64, etc., suddenly revived after years, so, maybe we can see another version of Chankast.


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Fucking hell, Will you people stop saying that Chankast is dead? We do not know that yet, as the Chankast team is asleep.


i dont have to wait a second hand dreamcast is really cheap i am sure the devs are done with they have there persnol life so let them enjoy if they dont want to work on it no one can force them this should be clear to all of us
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