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MikeEx said:
im sure once chanka is released along with its source code, some one will make it take advantage of 64-bit multi-cpu's
Why is everyone obsessed to make it work with multiple processors? It's not even necessary in the next version, it seems.


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I just wanna give my support to the chackast team

I just wanna give my support to the chackast team and say you guys are doing a wonderful job and to take your time. We trust that when it is ready, it be wonderful! :party:


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wow,i left emulation for a while and this happened,man this fulla crap i wan the next version now :devil: ,nah im jus kidding...great work chankast team,u guys rock :term: :icecream: :bunny: :santa: :smurf: :party:


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Hawkz said:
Will the new Chankast support games that were previously available only to ATI Radeon users? Things like Sonic Adventure 2 etc, only working on ATI cards, will this bug be fixed so these games are available on Nvidia, or is it unfixable?

Although if there is an xbox version one thinks they probably worked around the bug, given it's nvidia roots.


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I wonder if that means its uses more video acceleration as opposed to more processor power? My poor geforce4 go laptop doesn't run these new fancy schmancy games or graphic plugins using things like this so called 'pixel shaders'. :p


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im spanish and i don't understand very well but you say theres a xbox version that work?? why don't you put in the page if theres not complete call it beta version but please put it


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I can't wait till Ikaruga & Shenmue 2 are fully supported. 2 of the best games ever created ;) So far the emulator seems to be developing well, they were able to achieve a lot in such a short time, so the next version when it's released I'm sure will be more compatible and have more features ;)

Here's hoping they release a new version soon, if not well, we just have to be patient.


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Alright, I am as patient as the next guy but this is just rediculas. I mean I have no problem at all waiting for the next release because I think what they have done is amazing. I mean 3 releases in just 2 months with outstanding compatibility is amazing. But then to just go quit and not say anything for 5 months( Garrofi post in December 13th, 2004), then to not have any single shred of new or update since. Cant any of the dev just drop a 1 sentence reply letting us know whats going on. Like a simple, " Worked on emu today, made some progress." or "coming close to releasing an release date". Just something to keep the countless people in the loop. I mean take 2 minuites of your time to just update everyone.


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with the constant requests for donationas from the chanka team, im guessing they thought the emu would make them rich, and having not received the required amount of donations, the can't be bothered working on it anymore.



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#35 #36 or maybe you are just ungrateful impatient bastards. the developers don't owe you anything - an emulator, updates, ANYTHING.


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No one DEMANDS for updates / releases, we politely wish there was something that let us know if the project is still alive.


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WOW!! This new chanka will surely rock!!!
I'm just expecting to play Re Code Veronica and Shemue 2 a little faster and no more sound loop between both games.
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