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Kyty v0.2.0 released!

Kyty PS4/PS5 Emulator
Unlike Spine, this one works on Windows and is specifically designed for Windows 10 64-bit. But, as I have already said, it is in the very early stage of development, as mentioned in the GitHub page. Infact, the very first version of the emulator was only released 2 days ago.

As for the games that work, the developer himself says that for now, only a few simple PS4 games will work. Coming to the PS5 emulation part, he says graphics hasn’t been implemented properly. So, PS5 emulation with Kyty has a long journey ahead.


It is possible to run some simple games for PS4 and homebrews for PS5
There maybe graphics glitches, crashes, freezes and low FPS. It's OK for now.