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Kerb's Mariokart re-texture


New member
Kerber's Mariokart 64 pack v.2.5 is available now!

Primary download Loacation #1
Mario Kart 64 (U) [!] (signs you have the right rom are your internal name has no spaces)
1964 or Project64 emulators
Rice's 6.1.1 beta 10 (or higher) plugin

Installing process:
Install my textures in (plugin\hires_texture\MARIOKART64) directory.

-(Special thanks goes out to Vanit, Weatherton and all who supported me through the versions.)

Emulation64.Textures Archive
Fixed pack by jfields687 Emulation64.Textures Archive
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Just a dude
Yeah, looks very cool.
Only thing I really kinda dislike is, that Luigi looks somewhat like a nerd xD
But the others are done great.

Really good job, keep that up ;)


New member
Hil Luigi looks like the original Mario Kart Luigi, I would say.
Also, why retexture the portraits? Those looked great in the game already..


New member
Actually the portraits are really blurry, and asking me why bother is like asking anyone else on the highres forum why bother messing with any 64 game. I dont think you really understand how bad the originals are at x4 resolution obviously they cant be used in my project as is.
MuhMuh your comments are not constructive, and not welcome here...I dont diss your work with postings of shatily photoshoped jokes poking out obviously still rough WIPs.
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New member
Hmm..if I had to give constructive criticism to luigi, I would say make the face a little thinner and his nose a little smaller. Besides that I think he looks way better than the original.


Just a dude
Yes, this let him look more intellectual and less like a dumb-ass ;)
As I said in my post before:
Keep that work up. You're really talented :)

EDIT: And I just notice something:
Wario's nose seems to be a little bit to long. Perhaps it should be somewhat rounder or something in that direction.
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New member
Luigi does look a lot better with smaller nose. You are doing a really great job, I hope to see more textures from this game.


Your Boss
hey kerb you're great, those portraits look great, but it's true they have some stuff that looks strange (maybe cuz we're used to the original ones), well what I can say is that luigi's eyes are missing the white light dot in the middle and the cap should be a little taller I think, and yoshi's eyes are a too far from each other on the top


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I took all your ideas into consideration and tweaked the portraits. Then I started to work on Mario's portrait and some items here are some of my WIP.
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Sony battery
Very nice work! Is the 'M' on Mario's cap a little off or was it like that on the original? (Am very tired so maybe it's just me.) Anyway, keep it up.


New member
why not use other textures in game to make less hard to redo small texture :)

like the luigi's hear you done look strange, i think...

a example of other textures ingame can be used :
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