What's new

jgnes v0.6.1 is released!

A cross-platform NES emulator. Has a native frontend built using SDL2 as well as a web frontend that compiles to WASM and runs in the browser.
  • Significant performance improvement / reduced CPU usage due to a rewrite of the 6502 CPU emulation code
  • Fixed a PPU bug where the PPU would sometimes render the wrong backdrop color when rendering was left disabled at the start of a frame; this caused occasional top-of-screen flickering in Battletoads, which leaves rendering disabled for the first ~7 visible scanlines of every frame
  • Fixed a bug that caused PAL audio sync to time to ~49.9 FPS instead of 50 FPS
  • Added an option to have audio sync time to native NES speed (~60.1 FPS NTSC / ~50.007 FPS PAL) instead of aiming for exactly 60 FPS NTSC / 50 FPS PAL
    • Note this will cause severe audio skipping if combined with VSync on a display with 60Hz refresh rate