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    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
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Iko-kun's Mario64 Hoshi no Kirby 3 complete retexturing


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This is my first retexturing project.
Here some screenshots:

More after the break in the spoiler:













Is a bit "low res", but the textures are from a SNES game, so...
Now the game is 100% textured, but there are some things like the GUI and some effects that I've not modified.

the "trailer"

and the download link!
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Thanks! I worked very hard on it.

I should also change the GUI, fonts and some special effects but it was a job too complicated for me.
On the other hand I've changed the final picture of the game


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It's solid work the textures are well choosen and the layout is also ok. Still I don't see the point of putting lores graphics from a game which is not even in the mario series into Mario 64 - sounds somehow.....random

Anywhere don't be discouraged. Mario is a great game to learn retexturing. So keep on doing it as long as you whish!


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Thanks to all :bouncy:

I'm glad that you all enjoyed it!

I made this texture pack even if the textures that I used was in low resolution, because I like very much that tileset (Kirby's Dreamland 3), and I wanted to see how it looks in 3d.
Mario 64 was perfect for this!

I spent a lot of time for the sky maps.

There are also some cameos of Kirby characters in the pack.