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How to get Skies Of Arcadia (echelon) working properly!!!!


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I've tried the patcher and Its worked succesfully on Disc 1 of the echelon rip which I've now got to the end of however Disc 2 hasn't seemed to work with the patcher. I've got a .img of disc 2 is there a way to cover this to a cdi and patch it or a way to rip my dreamcast disc to a cdi ? I've tried searching the thread for answers but haven't seen anything so far which probably means there isn't an answer but worth asking I guess. I can see this thread hasn't been active for awhile but hopefully people still play skies of arcadia.


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found some bug in the soa i played..used this patcher to update.

1- S-Moves names Eg. Cutlass Fury doesnt show up in the command menu.
2- Loading is always disrupted by the summary chart - The "X" Menu.

and btw does this patch fixes sound and font problems?


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Just popped in to say thankyou to all the people who have taken the time to thank me over the years for the work on SOAPatcher. It's much appreciated.:)

Cheers for now.


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i just patched the SoA,but Loading is always disrupted by the summary chart - The "X" Menu. it´s still there. What should i do?

i have the NullDC


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You shouldn't need to patch SoA if you are using nullDC. Besides, this form is for Chankast which sucks at emulating SoA.