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glNintendo64() v0.3


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So far:
2xSai (combined with the way you round the edges is 1337, Zelda has never look that good. I like the vanish effect in Mario 64 too, but the frame rate drops to 5 on my system.

Tarzan works well in OpenGL4 mode, but crashes 1964 in GeForce mode just after the rom is loaded.

There are Z buffer issues in Earthworm Jim and Mario Tennis.


I tested it in many games.In 1964 there is a great mortal kombat 4 emulation but there is a bug.
When i try to go fullscreen the input plugin doesn't work. I tested many plugins.
Any solution? :blush:


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Mihalas said:
I tested it in many games.In 1964 there is a great mortal kombat 4 emulation but there is a bug.
When i try to go fullscreen the input plugin doesn't work. I tested many plugins.
Any solution? :blush:

I forgot to mention that... But it depends on the game. It happens in 1080 Snowboarding, for example, but not in Zelda MOM...


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Bomberman 64 now works with v0.3.1, and I can reach the Rarware logo in Jet Force Gemini now. Mystical Ninja now works much better- I can get into the first part of the game.

Keep up the good work.


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No flames in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's intro if
using the OpenGL renderer with my GeForce 2 MX200:

Kid A

Muy Bug report:

Super Mario 64

Crash Problems

Zelda Ocarina of Time
Zelda Majora´s Mask
Bomberman 64
Cruis´n USA
Mace the dark Age
Banjo Kazooie
and more.............

I think is the problem is windows xp because the emulator crash and I have to close it. With other plugins i dont have this problem.

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RJARRRPCGP: Why use the OpenGL 1.4 combiner when you can use the nVidia combiner?

Kid A: Make sure you have the combiner set to OpenGL 1.4, and not nVidia. Also, make sure you have the latest Catalyst drivers.


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OminaeYu said:
I have version 0.3.1 of the plugin and any game I try crashes the emulator. :doh:

Anyone else have this problem?

yeah, Um the mystical ninja goemon games crashed pj64 1.5, Mystical ninja goemon 1 plays the intro and lets you accesses save files, but when it comes to starting the game it crashes. Goemon's adventrue crashes right from the start. :doh:


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Okay, I'm releasing a beta version of glN64() v0.3.2. I want to get some of these problems taken care of. This version should fix the culling problems, further reduce crashes, and help with the 2D errors in some games.

I'm not sure why Radeons are having so much trouble. The OpenGL 1.4 combiner isn't as mature as the GeForce one, but it shouldn't mess up on things as simple as the princess' face, and certainly shouldn't be crashing...I'll keep working on it.

Anyway, you can get glNintendo64() v0.3.2b here.


(EDIT - sorry about the bad link before)
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Orkin, your glNintendo64() v0.3.2b download link is broken.
I received error 404 after I clicked on the link to attempt
to download the glNintendo64() v0.3.2b.


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Good release. I'd like to applaud your flawless Mortal Kombat 4 emulation- Not even Jabo managed it (Green faces instead of blue on the walls)

Diddy Kong Racing no longer crashes (But no polygons or text are displayed properly.

Bomberman 64 is improved (You see where the images in the intro bit are supposed to be rather than just being a black screen)

Wave race emulation greatly improved :) (Menus are almost correct now, no longer flicker green) But crashes after that.

Very odd graphics with Yoshis story in-game, but menus look slightly better than Jabos plugin.

Keep going! Its getting better with each tweak!


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Great plugin!, but...

Congrats for the great plugin!!!! It works excellent on my system.

Here are some problems:

- The plugin doesn't save the settings. I have to enable 2xsai and bilinear filtering each time i play a game. How does the plugin save those settings??

- I have tried Bomberman 64 the second attack, and the text is missing.

- Killer Instinct Gold doesn't work.

- Dr. Mario 64 has a lot of glitches.

- Indiana Jones and the Infernal MAchine doesn't work (what is this game about anyway??)

My system specs:

Amd Duron 1200, Geforce 2 MX 200 w/64MB, 256 Ram, Windows XP


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Using 3.2b in PJ64 fixed the EMU from crashing on Aerofighter's Assault.

A couple that still make the emulator crash

Banjo-Tooie and All Star Tennis 99. No chance to try others yet.

great stuff though. :)


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Weird problem: In glNintendo64() 0.3.2 beta, the use of fog seems to slow games down. This can range from a brief 20FPS dip to long periods below 5FPS.

This doesn't happen in glNintendo64() 0.3.1.