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Gekko GameCube Emu - Status Update


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Let's play guess the framerate :)

Please don't bombard us too much yet with questions, the emu is still in early stages. Creds go to myself (of course), Aprentice, Lightning, and Thakis. Feel free to check out #Gekko on Efnet IRC.



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It's obvious it's 37. something ,but hey that's in the menus ..ingame could be even 1 fps or even crash .
Anyway,it's great Gc emulation shows some signs of rebirth ..while Pcsx2 kinda pwns all these days :) although they have the toughest task.


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I'm with flowrent on this one. All emulators of current-gen (PS2 and GCN) platforms are fast when displaying a menu. If you have that kind of frame rate when the emulated GPU is being bombarded by in-game geometry, then that's something to write home about.