What's new

GameRoy v0.2.0 is released!

An emulator and debugger for the Nintendo Game Boy, written in Rust.

GameRoy Features:
Support for DMG (only).
High accuracy (see Test suite below)
Accurate clock frequency: don't sync over frames or sound, but the clock frequency itself.
Battery saves support.
Save and load states.
Time travel backwards in time (Rewind)
Graphical interface for listing roms in a folder.
Debugger with a graphical interface:
Views for disassembly, registers, video RAM, etc...
Statically trace rom for executable memory ranges (and at runtime).
Add breakpoints at read, write, jump or execution of memory addresses.
Watch addresses.
Step code backwards.
Building and Running

GameRoy v0.2.0 Changelog:
add gameroy bench subcommand.
add a table view for the rom loading UI.
make UI dpi aware.
add a WebAssembly port.
add a Android port.
add button to change the rom folder (but only update config on Android).
fix STOP instruction (e2fb38d)
also load dropped file when already running a game.