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Federelli's Retexture Pack for Zelda OOT and MQ


Beta Tester
Federelli Retexture Pack for Zelda OOT and MQ

Ok, it's up, and you can download it, don't expect superb download speeds though.

Must reads:

1) If you want a particular texture remade, then upload it's dump here, and me or someone here will give it a shot.
2) I've included French text for screen names.
3) If you want to add some of your work to this pack, feel free to do so by showing your work in this thread. I'll decide where your work is up to this pack's standards :).
4) You are free to redistribute this pack, but you cannot delete the "read this file!.txt" from it, and proper credit must be given.
5) To Report any issues, please do so inside this thread please.
6) READ! the read this file!.txt FILE!
7) As this pack is no longer including my textures only, it's no longer my pack alone. It's my pack as much as it's from whoever else contributed.
8) You'll need 7-zip to unzip this file, get it from: http://www.7-zip.org/
I hope you really enjoy it.

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I’m excited to see a retexturing community for Zelda on the net. Now that I’ve seen Federellis’ pack, I know that I should show everybody the results of my experiments with the game. I’m sure there are others like me out there. I’m sure somebody will let me know what they think of my contribution.


Emulator Developer
Federelli, there are slight problems with some of the texts. The "Kakariko Village" is an example. You can see a very fine edge on the top and bottom of the texture. I guess you probably just need to use whole black background instead of white background for such textures.


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A slight critic here: I don't like the new font. Since the Zelda games are not talkie, the font has a lot of importance in the general mood of the game.. I don't recognise the narator's voice anymore... The font doesn't look bad per se, but I think that something important is lost in dropping the old one for this one. I know it would require much ore work to recreate the old font in high resolution, but I think that it would be times better (at least).

The other textures look awesome :)


Beta Tester
The Zelda font is a hybrid beetween Lucida Sans Console, Arial, and Arial Narrow.

I used each font where i saw it was more like it, feel free to remake the font and send me a .ttf file of it :).

I'll see what i can do about those font issues, since i knew those little lines appeared, but i really wanted to release something :).
loottool, while your job is aprecciated, i'd would also aprecciate you not taking over my thread :).


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Sorry if it looked like I was trying to take over your thread. Next time I'll ask before I take it upon myself to contribute.


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loottool: What have you changed? It looks the same as Federelli's one to me.

Federelli: I think you should leave the standard fonts in the game until someone (Orkin is good at it) can be bothered to redraw them in high-res.


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i like the fonts of federelli (alpha could be better)
they look very similar to the original ones
i know this is hard work so:

you don't have to install them if u don't want em


Beta Tester
Thanks guys :).

Though the fonts do look good, as many have said, they are not as true to the original as they can be. And if there's something i hate, is drawing fonts from scratch.
What someone could to is create a complete .ttf file whith the complete font set, if orkin is willing to do so, i'd be pleased to incorporate every text texture into my pack, as long as he allows me to :).

What i could to to fix it temporarilly is to add an outer glow to the text, though it's not worth it, i'd better like someone to remake the font set :).

Almost 300 textures remade now :D.


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This is great, oot has never looked better, but i keep getting these wierd lines in the logo at the beginning?

Using a Radeon 9700 Pro with the latest catalyst.



So all I have to do is put this file in my plugins folder load zelda, and eveything will be hight res.?