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DS4Windows v3.2.9 is released!

DS4Windows (Original site) is a portable program that allows you to get the best experience when using a DualShock 4 on your PC, by emulating an Xbox 360 controller, a lot of games then become accessible.


– Fixed changing of Trigger Effect while switching profiles with DualSense controller
– Allow LSVerticalScale and RSVerticalScale to save values > 1.0. Contribution by Katalysta
– Updated Italian translation. Contribution by MarkThat
– Increased LS and RS Vertical Scale max to 4.0
– Check for string length from HidD_GetSerialNumberString call from possible invalid response from hardware – DualSense Edge input support (FnL FnR BLP BRP). Contributed by steffalon
– Added extra locking for LoggerHolder

– Added subtype property for DualSenseDevice class
– Added COMException catching when adding hook for power events
– Removed message regarding Middle Mouse closing app in tray menu. Windows 11 no longer supports this at least right now
– Added DualShock 3 support using DsHidMini driver (SXS) or Sony Sixaxis driver. Contribution by SunnyQeen
– Added logging when reading of Actions.xml fails
– Changed processing of Delay tags for Actions.xml. Fixes some cases where recent DS4Windows no longer reads Special Action files from older versions
– Fixed outer bounds when using smoothing for 360 Gyro Steering
– Fixed anti-dead zone interpretation for 360 Gyro Steering stick output. Applies to Xbox 360 and DS4 output (not VJoy)
– Added Playmax PS4 controller. Contribution by nzgamer41