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donkey kong 64-setting for startup?


I think that this emulator needs a good recompiler for low-end specs users. Otherwise I think it's great. Great work, Azi :D


Azimer said:
I am a little tired of all these questions being answered with "Use 1964 or PJ64". What the heck is the point to an Apollo forum if you all just shove them off? I don't understand this. By posting here, I assume he needs help running it under Apollo.
Azimer, that' s what i'm shouting all day with nemu64 and everyone ignores me...


Curious said:

"I have a similar problem to demonmind in his thread "a sinking feeling about Donkey Kong" However I have passed that particular test. My problem lies in that I am unable to throw the 5 oranges. Each time Donkey Kong approaches an orange, the orange moves as if it has been thrown and this happens for all 5 oranges. I then await for time to run out and I have failed the test. The oranges seem to be translucant. Or not solid if this makes sense. Donkey kong can not pick up the oranges they disappear and give a score on the bottom left of the screen. Any ideas why this is happening. I do not think it has anything to do with the CF, as I have changed the CF to both 2 and 3 and still have not been able to pass the test."

Any sugestions how to fix this?

Maybe it's an input plugin problem. I've tried Donkey Kong 64 on 1964 (sorry Azimer this pc is too sUcky to run apollo :|) and i didn't have any problems... btw did you fix the camera problem with selecting the Emulate Clear(i think) framebuffer option in Jabo's plugin v1.4?

I used: 1964 - Jabo's D3D Video Plugin 1.4 - Azimer's 0.40b Audio Plugin - SJR's Input plugin v0.52


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There is still a lot of things you can do in an interpreter to improve performance, most interpreters for N64 emulators don't employ many optimizations because they are used for debugging. However, on other consoles, the interpreter cores are more heavily optimized because they are the core that will be used primarily.