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Dolphin Final 1.03 BETA Release

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This is right, I've got the permission from FiRES to release the latest beta of Dolphin. This version is classified as an open beta, development on the emulator has already been stopped for a good while now and since there is no work in sight, this version is getting released.

I know a lot of people were waiting for it and there it is. It's still buggy, not compatible with a lot of games, slow and all but it's still better than the previous one.

What's new in this one:
-Improved Audio plugin
-improved Dolphin default input plugin
-Added Falcon4ever's nJoy 0.2 input plugin (recommended)
-Added Memory card support
-----slot 1 & 2, 2MB ones are inserted by default, can't be changed,
-----WARNING: if you format your memcard with an US game, you will be only able to use it with US games (same goes for EUR and JAP ones)
-Better recompiler compatibility and stability

that's all I can remember of the changes....


the Dolphin team.... :p
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Ok guys, remember this is a BETA! so that mean it could crash for unknown reasons!.

1. If you click on the game and choose for properties you will be taken to the dolphin-emu website (yea wrong mapping, it supposed to be a new feature) and it will show how the game is looking like in 1.03

2. You can obtain the latest and official ini from the following url:
(you can find it on the http://www.dolphin-emu.com/gameslist.php page)

3. 1.03 has some language support, you will need to restart the emu. (yea yea yea, the dutch translations are on their way :p)

4. Please post your feedback in this thread and keep things nice mkay?
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OMG the best day in my life!

Except for the part about it being the last release. :(
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Word spread to EmuHQ (& to a lesser degree for most DCEmulation) as well, ducks as the sharp things fly in his direction for mentioning it ;) gotta try it later, been so long since I tried any GC emu


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is it true?! WOW.. unbelievable... :bouncy:

ist starts.. but.. the first Message is a error:

"unknown Country Code" :blush:
(is Harvest Moon: A wonderful Life Multi Pall,GameID:GYWD_16FE)
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Thanks for all your hard work people. We realy appreciate all the hard work you have put into Dolphin and wish you all the best for the future. :happy:


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w00t! Yes, thank you! I've been looking forward to this for a long time. Thanks for all the hard work. *Waits for 1.04*


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Knuckles said:
god... you're not happy of 1.03? you're going to wait forever if you wait for that :p

I was trying to be funny. Apparently I failed. Yes, I'm happy that 1.03 has been realeased...well kind of realeased anyway. Now think of all the idiots that are gonna come and say "d00d ive been waiting for this for liek 9 months and its still slow and crashy as heck i demand u fix this". In later versions, are we going to need the Gamecube Bios?
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Erm development hasn't stopped, it's just so slow you'd have more fun watching paint dry, and frankly given the devs owe you nadda, and it's their emulator, they can do what they very well please :p


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What the? Only some hours passed after the release and there are already people asking for another release and the sourcecode, and worst... they declare the emulator dead too :huh:

The only sad here is people like you. Bah...


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On both of my computers it says "Couldn't init core, please check your config". Dolphin 1.02 still works fine. I'm using the default settings. Anyone else have this problem?


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First of all thx a lot for the new Version of Dolphin :)

Great work Guys

Knuckles said:
god... you're not happy of 1.03? you're going to wait forever if you wait for that :p

Never say Never :p
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