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Dolphin Final 1.03.2 BETA Released


The Force be with you!!!
It's me or the graphic have lot of glitchs (more than the old release).
The texture appear and disappear on some games, it's so strange.


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Awesome, a release! And IMO the best so far.

Forget the "speed freaks", more games boot now, they're more compatible, and seems that overall this build is alot better than any previous ones for alot of various reasons. Speed isn't everything, getting things done right is. The absolute only error i've recieved when using this build was a "Fix me ;) - Unknown Instruction" error. Other than that, great work Dolphin team!

EDIT: For all of those "speed freaks" out there, some amazing results can be achieved by setting the Priority of Dolphin to Above Normal or High. I was just playing BioHazard 2 at an astonishing 15fps in-game; results not found with previous versions. It doesn't sound like much, but setting the priority higher can give you people a fix for now (I'm sure dynarec and Tick Modifiers go without mentioning).

It's me or the graphic have lot of glitchs (more than the old release).
The texture appear and disappear on some games, it's so strange.

I've noticed that aswell, just the Textures specifically. Either they are distorted (and weren't before), or are in a totally different color than they should be.
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Nice Job! Showing really good progress. Bios has alot of gfx issues (missing the top half of the screen), but still great progress. :cool:

Is the emulator hard coded for US region games with the Bios? I've got the other regions in, but when I go to boot imports, gives the error about not being a GameCube disc. Also, whats up with Games.ini? Wont save any of the settings for indivual games(including the Region flag)?

And yes, I do realize this is a Beta, that somethings are broke, and that its nowhere near being complete. I'm just asking, for all I know, it could be something on my side that is messed up.


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More compatible,
just the way I like it...

and I do see problems with textures disappearing and reappearing o_O

Naruto Gekitou

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Is Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 Compatible with Last Version Of Dolphin ??????

Here My Configuration
P4 2.40GHz
GeForce FX 5200 128 MB
512 MHz Ram
Answer Me Quickly Please


This is a great release boys!
I remember last update and this is more complete.
Keep the good work :)


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Hi! and thanks

Hi everyone i'm a new of this community , so i take a few moments to speaking of me on another thread ;-)

BTW Thank's for this great emu:bouncy: , i love new release and i love too if more compatible was added ;-)
Just for speed up fixing we can wait , i've try other emulator like GCemu and it works a lot of most speed (and now it was a closed project with open source code), so what about using thats code for spped's the us emulator (dolphin):smurf: i think's its not Illegal copying other source BTW he hd promuove his sourcing for improvement other emulator i think's or conntinuing his project with new release :sombrero:


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i would never copy third party code if i were a gamecube emu coder -.-
But maybe they can stick together and work hand in hand - that would propably the best :)


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congrats dolphin team!
however, i noticed this release has problems on multi core systems. setting the process affinity to a single cpu fixes it -- hello windows task manager. These problems occured on both AMD FX60 and Intel Core Duo T2400 systems.
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Works great with my gamepad,:).a small decrease in FPS compared to the previous version.But still works much better.Best of all it's Free,so we should be very thankful.