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Diddy Kong Racing 2010


About a year ago, I got the itch to get back into retexturing, so I contacted 3 of my friends here to see if they were game to do this game. I guess it wasn't a good time, as no one had the time to invest in this project. I started tinkering around, and I liked how it was looking, so I worked on it sporadically until Datadayne contacted me, saying he wanted to get back in the game. We have a good deal of the game done, and we have every intention on finishing, but there is no timetable on when it will be done. I have a policy against uploading partial packs, so don't expect on any uploads until we're done. Remember, this is a WIP, so anything you see in these screenies is subject to change, but this is a good idea of what the final product will look like. Enjoy.



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Is it just me, or is there a texture problem with the blue wall to the left of the tree on
Edit: Forgot to wish you guys good luck with the project!
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Finished sculpting most of the trees and plants in zbrush. Here are the one I finished polypainting.

I just started learning zbrush this month so I still need some improvement, if you can tell.


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Nice! Retexturing really seems to profit from Datadaynes 3D skills! I like the left tree a lot-


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Another great project by the great texture artists Mollymutt and Datadayne. Only thing I didn't like is the Racing in the logo. Looks kinda out of place imo.


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The pack has not been released, so there will not be any download link what so ever. There's pictures in the first post thats about it. This texture pack is more than likely long dead unless Datadyne and Mollymutt surprise us with a release.


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Just literally today setup my N64 emulation and got the itch to play Diddy Kong - was hoping to see a texture pack available its to bad there is no further progress on this !

Always thought DKR was the better racing game than MK.


I've never been a fan of releasing partial packs. We actually did quite a bit of the game, but not enough to call it complete. If Data doesn't mind, I might release it as is. Thanks for the interest.