What's new

Denise v2.2.1 is released!

Denise is an accurate c64/Amiga emulator whose project is influenced by the higan emulator design.


– added D3D11 driver
– openGL has bad VSYNC/VRR behavior on Windows 11 (replace it with D3D11: Options->Video->Driver)
– ported internal and external openGL shader to D3D11
– added italian translation (thanks to Luigi)
– added an option to rotate the screen (90°/180°/270°)
– added an option to force a single instance when opening another instance from frontend loader or file explorer
– fixed Amiga basic volume (louder)
– improved 1571 emulation
– added C64 cartridges: Comal-80, Silverrock, RGCD
– added a more easy way to set stereo separation (Audio -> DSP)
– added tapes to swapper (mixed disc/tape swapper)
– added option to decide if manual warping stops automatic warping until next restart
– added more options to control the screen aspect ratio
– added button/hotkey to crop the outer frame after resizing or changing « aspect ratio » or emulated border