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Chaos447's Cel-Shaded Banjo-Kazooie Project


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I saw someone work on a cel-shaded project for Banjo Kazooie before, but he never got around to finish it. Thus he inspired me to work on my own, and I'm pleased with the work I've done so far. I thought I should share it with people before I go around and make an official first release, so I hope these screenshots anticipate people and hopefully push me to work harder and further into this project.









What I have done so far:

-Spiral Mountain
-Click Clock Wood Summer & Fall
-Parts of Grunty's Lair

Keep in mind I actually only started this project just yesterday, so if I continue a lot can be done in short time.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: Oops, I apologize for the horrible screen quality. I accidentally saved it as a JPG, not a PNG.


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Spiral Mountain looks very good. Click Clock Wood also, but it perhaps you could add more color to it. Overall looks very promising. I don't know if celshading works well for Banjo. It probably does, especially if done right, so I hope you keep working on it.


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Honest opinion - it looks good, especially the first pics. But I think you should spend some more time on the textures. Just 'flattening' them out alone doesn't give a true cell shaded feel. You need to add some graphical flourishes to the textures and brighten the colors as fernan said. But it's a good start.


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No depth to the textures at all mate.

You need to work the the shadows some more. You should spend more time on the textures. Your working on them too fast, I remembered when I attempted to retexture this game. It would take me a day to complete maybe 5 textures.


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Looks like you just used the cutout filter, which works ok for some but wouldn't say it works well with those tree backgrounds. Needs more detail and colour but keep it up!


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Cut it out with the, uh, cut out filter. :p

It's okay for placeholder textures, but to base an entire hack on a filter is just lazy.


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And resize your textures.
They are far to blurry.
After all you are in the subforum for high resolution texture projects.
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And resize your textures.
They are far to blurry.
After all you are in the subforum for high resolution texture projects.

You could be right but it could also be because I used MS Paint to save it as a JPG =/